Wednesday, May 23, 2012


 Hello my wonderful blog readers.

Today is Wonderful Wednesday
-which means-
the week is almost halfway over!

I had a fabulous spectacular weekend with family and friends.

A trip to OP to visit my Sis, BIL & Mr. Max.
I got a new 50mm 1.8 lens that I was dying try out on someone other than my dog & cats.
 and then Dad got here and started hogging him.
 Just kidding, I got plenty of hold time on Friday night. 
We ate some delicious tacos and watched some hilarious TV.

There's really nothing better than watching funny shows whilst holding a cuddly new baby and eating Hispanic cuisine. 

we woke up and got things around so we could go to my cousin's graduation party in KC.
Turns out I only got pictures of Max and not of the graduate. 
I'm easily distracted by adorable newborns.
It's my form of ADD. 

I only got to hang out for an hour before I had to make the trek back to Topeka for my BF's 
And can I just say that it was a

We rented a party bus and went to a few bars in Topeka.

There were lots of girly screams & giggles involved
and I wore a dress
so to say I was out of my element is the understatement of the year.

But it was all totally worth it because I got to hang out with a ton of awesome gals for the night!

Cole's mom & aunts were there, which was just fantastic.
It was like a blast from the past
because I walked in through the garage
without knocking
and started throwing my stuff everywhere
and Cheryl didn't seem to mind.

And walking in to their house, I was flooded with memories.
The smell alone [because Cheryl's house always smells insanely good] does it.

They all kept telling me how much they love my blog
to which I responded
well I'm glad someone likes it!
and told me how crafty I was.

What wonderful things to say! 
They are amazing people.

I drove back relatively early so I could play disc with M,M&N.

I....well, I sucked.

I kept throwing the disc to the side [a.k.a. the wrong direction] because I kept holding the disc too long when throwing.

But after a ton of practice throws [and a few temper-tantrums], I finally got the hang of it again. 
 ugh. I love this face. ^ :)

It was a great weekend
 with so many people that I love
and love to be around.

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  1. We do LOVE your have talent!! And I am glad you felt welcome and like old times. You are ALWAYS welcome at our home...We LOVE you Missy!! And yes, it was a total blast!! <3


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