Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Hello all!
Whew. What a weekend.

It was full of fun with friends and family - nothing better than that!

Friday night I scooted over to Topeka to watch this handsome man in [Title of Show] at TPAC. 
 Drew came along [thankfully he saved me from looking like a loner!] and we had a ball!
The show was huh-larious! I laughed for pretty much 95 minutes straight.

So then I went to Mom & Dad's house to do a few crafts.
Which I have no pictures of. 

I'll make it up to you with a tutorial later.

Anywho - 
Onto Saturday.

Megh had her second [and last] baby shower for Mr. Max.
This one was held by my aunts, cousins, grandma, & mom.
The theme was ducks-
I whipped up this invite for them [thank you google images search].
And they had the cutest decorations!
 Mom made the duckie diaper cake
 And my cousin made this amazing cake!

 I made these duckie cake balls, which really just turned out to look more like Furby's..

I googled cake pops and this one came up on instructables.

Mine, of course, look nothing like this. 
But I tried. 

Plus, I got to joke about what a terrible baker I am! :) 

I mean, it sounded like a good idea at the time. But I had to make a trip to wal-mart at 9 pm to get candy melts. And then I discovered that putting yellow food coloring in the candy melts will make the consistency much, much more difficult to deal with. 

It was worth it, though! People told me they were awesome, but I'm still convinced they just felt sorry for me and my silly looking duckies. 

Alright, so the shower was awesome. Once again, Megh got a ton of stuff for baby Max.
After the shower was over, I headed straight to Lawrence for the game.

Best. Decision. Ever. 

I wore one of the shirts I made the night before:
 We watched the game at Phil & Claire's house and then walked to Mass St. after we won.
Like '08, it was a mad house.
In a good way, of course. 
I think it was estimated about 20,000 people on Mass St. that night.
Kind of insane.

We played disc on Sunday,
then ate at 23rd street brewery, and headed home with the intention of driving back the next day to watch the Championship in Lawrence.
There's really no better place to be.

And even though we lost, I wouldn't have preferred to be anywhere else.
The town was sad.
I was downright depressed.

Not just because we lost, but because the season is over!
I've decided I'm just going to go into hibernation until November. 

This was the best season I can ever remember.
I have become very attached to this team in a strange way. I mean, I'm always a fan - that never falters. But I feel like we know these guys better. They've been through hell and back this year, and they came out on top in my opinion. For a team that wasn't even expected to win it's conference [for the 8th year in a row], it boggles my mind that we made it all the way to the championship. 

So I'm going to remain positive and say that we are going to kick ass again next year, as we always do. We've got some new blood coming in that will hopefully lead to a deeper bench than this year. I know if Bill could get this year's team to the championship, he can certainly handle a bunch of newbies out of high school. 

Let the countdown begin.

With that said; here are a few pictures from this season, courtesy of

More pictures on my Facebook here:

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