Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tornadoes, Hunger Games, & Skating

Gooooood morning all! 
It's gloomy outside and I was up late crafting so I'm a bit sleep deprived.
What was I crafting, you ask?
I was crafting AWESOME, that's what.
And I didn't do a tutorial [fail] 
because I was too lazy to walk up the stairs to get my camera...
No fear - 
I have pictures of the finished product. 
 Yeah. Those are AWESOME. 
I will probably wear them every day.

The shoes cost me NOTHING because I still have money on my buckle gift card that I got for Christmas. But if I didn't have a gift card, they cost $40 bucks. I got inspiration from Etsy
This lady hand-paints Toms, which are crazy popular. Apparently every time you buy a pair of shoes from them they donate a pair of shoes to a kid in Africa or something.
Great idea, props to them.
But I wasn't about to buy a 90 dollar pair of shoes and then paint them. 
I would have totally screwed them up. 
For sure.

So I did my template on my computer and then did the contact paper/exacto knife cutout bit and started painting. 
It was easier said than done. 

But, unlike this pair of red Toms above, my shoes were white. So I could cover up my screw ups with white paint.
And let me tell you, there were a lot of them.
But they turned out pretty fantastic, amirite?

I made this tutu this past weekend & sold one on Buy, Sell & Trade.
The dots are just black felt that I glued on to the tulle.

So far this is definitely my favorite of all the ones I've made!
Kenzie and I went skating this weekend.
I wholly intended on putting skates on when I got there.
But then I got scared that I would be one of those idiots who fell.
Like, a lot.

So Kenz finally convinced me and I tried one lap around.
To say that it didn't go well doesn't quite convey the whole story.

I didn't fall - thank God.
But that was only because I held on to the wall the entire time.

Kenzie, on the other hand, was rollin' around like a stinkin' pro. And then she offered to hold my hand to help. I almost fell and took her down with me.
So I told her that wasn't a good idea.
Thankfully no one got a picture of me clinging to the wall for dear life. 
And apologies for the blurry pictures. It was tricky trying to find the right settings for the lighting in that place...

Oh, and there was a freaking tornado this weekend. 
Complete with our own little rotating funnel cloud just above our house! 
Fun times.
Matt and I were at the movie for the first time in approximately a year and mom sends Matt a text that there was a tornado on the ground just south west of Salina.
So I whisper to Matt...."we should go"
he replies "I'm sure it's fine"
um...did you read that text?!
"no, we're getting the HELL out of here!"

And we weren't the only ones.
The mall had shut down
and the movie theater apparently has to wait for the sirens to go off before they turn the movies off.

They went off about 15 minutes later.

And Matt and I proceeded to watch the rotating funnel cloud move slowly north, away from us.
Word on the street is that the tornado was on the ground up until it got to the Salina airport
then it picked up
went over the city of Salina
and touched back down when it got north of the interstate.

Which was cool, because it would have just destroyed the city.

I was freaking out.

I've only ever had to take cover for a tornado one other time [when we lived in Tulsa]. 
I didn't enjoy it then and I enjoyed it even less on Saturday.

But, we were lucky.

There were 96 reported tornado touchdowns on Saturday night in Kansas alone.


Freaking Kansas..

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  1. LOVE the white KU shoes...can I ask what type of paint was used for them?


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