Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Happy Tuesday to you all-

Sorry this post is late.
I've been getting caught up at work and quite frankly haven't had time to [slack] blog.
So, I'm completely caught up now and a little bit bored.

This weekend was busy, as they typically are.
Somehow, I woke up Monday morning and thought to myself...

where the hell did the weekend go?

I do that a lot on Monday mornings.
Apparently I'm expecting the weekend to be 5 days long instead of 2.
That would be awesome. 
You know what else is awesome?
Sleeping in.

And because I'm old, sleeping in, to me, is typically 9 o'clock.
  This weekend was awesome for 2 reasons:
1) I got to sleep in Saturday and Sunday
2) There was camping involved.

Mom & Dad brought the camper out to Milford Lake [outside of Junction City]. It's the place we typically camp. We all prefer Clinton Lake [in Lawrence] but since Matt and I drove to Lawrence twice last week, and me to Maryville also, M&D threw us a bone and met us halfway. 

We sat by the fire singing songs while Drew played the ukelele, chomping on smores and relishing in our swell lives.

Okay, no, we're not the Brady bunch. 

But it was just as cool. 

We played catch phrase around the ginormous fire that the guys created, made campfire pies [if you don't know what that is you're really missing out] and had a grand 'ole time.

Sunday it was time to go home and do some big kid stuff - like playing disk at the park & mowing the yard. 

Since Matt mowed, I was in charge of sweeping the grass off the sidewalks & driveway.

Boy did I get the raw end of the deal.

There is a crap-ton of sidewalk surrounding our house.
The driveway is no peach either.

Needless to say, my arms still hurt today and feel a bit like someone punched me multiple times in the armpits. 

So far this week we have accomplished the following:
1) Mow the yard
2) Sweep the sidewalks
3) Wash Matt's car
4) Watch Matt's car get rained on
5) Clean the house
6) Run the dishwasher
7) Watch way too many episodes of Friends
8) Sleep

See...when I say we live an average life, this is what I'm talking about.

But, hey - I love me some average life.

p.s. more projects coming soon, I promise!

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