Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The List: #9

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.
This one could get pretty lengthy, so I'm going to try not to ramble.

1. Drew
Of course I had to include my siblings in this. Because if anyone's had an influence in my life, they have. My bro is 7 years younger than me. He was practically raised by a group of teenage girls [Me, Megh & all of our girl friends] and we always joked that we were shaping him into the perfect male. Since the day my parents brought him home from the hospital I have been very protective of him. I constantly worried that he would get lost. When KU went to the Final 4/Championship in '08, we were all there on Mass Street and I didn't even have fun because I was so worried he would get lost in the crowd [even though he was like 12 or 13 at the time and more than capable of handling himself]. He's influenced me in many ways, particularly in the protective-mother department. Even though he has a mother that takes wonderful care of him, for some reason I always thought I needed to pitch in, too.

2. Megh
As I've mentioned before, my sis & I are pretty much inseparable. We rarely have fights, and even if we do, we're over it in about an hour's time. I can't even count the influences that she has had on me. She's put up with me for 24 years - letting me hang with her & her friends, shared a room with me, kept track of me in college, and been my constant companion & shoulder to cry and laugh on.

3. Adam
Well, Adam might as well be a sibling. He's my brother-in-law now and I've known the man since 9th grade, which makes about 10 years. Our group of friends hung out constantly and he was always very protective of me, being Megh's little sister & all. Yeah, we don't always get along; rather we constantly butt heads - but that's alright. We manage to make it fun because when it comes down to it, he's got my back. :)

4. DuAnn
When I moved to town and Matt & I were still living with his parents, DuAnn called Jo to see if she would be interested in joining the DVACK board. Since Jo knew that I was looking for ways to meet new people, she suggested I do it. Since then, I have become very attached to a group of people that spend all of their time trying to help other people. DuAnn is one of those people. She's actually the mother of one of Matt's really good friends from school and a huge part of the Festival of Trees. She is without a doubt one of the kindest, most selfless people I know. Her influence on my life, however short a time I have known her, will be with me forever. She took me under her wing [even if it was unintentional] when I needed it most and I can't thank her enough!

5. Mrs. Foree
I joined choir in 7th grade at Northern Hills and Mrs. Foree was the choir teacher. Shortly after, another teacher took over the middle school level, but we met back up again in High School when I auditioned for Show Choir.  I'm going to be honest...the woman scared the crap out of me. She was super strict and very get-down-to-business. But I, and the rest of the students, respected her for that. She was an amazing choir teacher and she is one of the only people I can safely say shaped me into a great singer & performer. She retired after my sophomore year and a new teacher came in that none of us respected in any way, but we could at least hold on to what Mrs. Foree taught us.

6. My Parents
Duh. They have influenced.....well, everything in my life. If I have a question, concern, or general lack of knowledge on any subject, I call my parents. As of late, I've been put on speaker phone when I call so they can both weigh in on whatever it is I'm talking about that day. Which is just perfect, in my opinion. To say that my parents are my idols sounds like a cliche, but it's 100% accurate. If Matt & I are half as great of parents as they have been, our kids will be pretty well off.

7. Grammy

Our grandparents from both sides have been a huge part of our lives. G&G have gone on trips with us, baby-sat us when Mom and Dad have traveled and generally put up with our crap, deeming it "cute". I can't count the ways that Grammy has influenced me; she's taught me everything a Grandma should, from washing behind your ears to properly folding sheets [important] to always, always striving to be a good person [which she is].

8. Grampy
Grandpa, like grandma, has taught me SO many things! On our trip to Mt. Rushmore, he taught me which direction North was. He taught me how to tie a tie, took me on lawn-mower rides around their giant yard, shot fireworks with us, let us hang out at his print shop - the list goes on. I swear I learn something new from that man every time I'm around him! 

9. McKenzie
I haven't known Kenz for very long, but I really can't fathom not knowing her at this point! That girl keeps me young. She reminds me every time I'm around her of what being a kid was like. And let me tell you right now - there's nothing better than remembering what it was like to be a kid. Her bubbly personality and immeasurable happiness have taught me that it's always okay to let go and have FUN!

10. Matt
And last, but certainly not least - the hubs. I met this one in Lawrence and a day hasn't gone by that we haven't laughed about something stupid, fought about something petty, or that I've tried [and failed] to outrun one of his ever-lasting hugs. He's my best friend. And partner in crime. And beer-drinking buddy. And husband, too, of course.

These are,obviously, just a few of the people who have had an influence in my life. I couldn't possibly note everyone who holds a special place in my heart. It would never end!

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