Thursday, April 12, 2012

The List: #8

8. What are 5 passions you have?

I looked up the word Passion at and this is what I came up with:
b : a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept 

Not that I didn't know what passion meant, I just wanted to make sure I was staying on the right track. I have a tendency to stray from my point when I don't have a clear direction of where I'm going.

There were a ton of definitions of this word, but I thought this one defined it best for the question being asked.

I'm gonna have to think about this one.

[4 hours later]

Still have no idea.
I'm going to have to wing it.

1. Music
Mainly singing, but music in general is a passion. I listen to it all day at work. In the car between work & home. At the gym. 
Come to think of it, there is rarely a time when I'm not listening to music [or singing]. 
I don't prefer one genre over another [though when it comes to heavy metal, count me out]. 
Matt & I listen to an array of music. He prefers classic rock, but will listen to my stations too [country or alternative pop], God bless him. I do enjoy classic rock, too. 
Some favorites:
Wish you were here Pink Floyd
Not the same Ben Folds
Walkin' after midnight Patsy Cline
The night they drove old dixie down The Band
King of anything Sara Bareilles
 Drops of jupiter Train
All will be well The Gabe Dixon Band

Basically anything by any of these artists is fantastic in my book. 

2. Reading
I'm a sucker for a great story. Romance, comedy, fiction - I like just about anything.
Except for biographies. Those can get a little boring..

As I've said before, reading is the perfect escape from the stresses of every day life. There is nothing better [in my opinion] than sinking into the world of fiction. 

A few good ones:
the entire Harry Potter series JK Rowling
The Hobbit JRR Tolkien
The Rescue Nicholas Sparks
Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen
The Mediator series Meg Cabot
 The Hunger Games series Suzanne Collins

Again, any book by any of these authors are my cup o' tea. I've read so many books throughout the years that I couldn't possibly remember them all, but these are a few of my most notable favorites.

3. The Arts
I'm going to throw crafting into this category because it doesn't deserve it's own number. Not only is it a recent obsession of mine, but also not exactly a passion. I could live without it. 
The others I could not.
Also in this category: Musicals, plays, piano, drawing, dancing

I'm a fan of musicals and plays. Thank God my brother is interested in these things as well because when I was finished with High School that was the one thing I missed. I have loved attending every play and musical he has been in.

I enjoyed the hell out of being in musicals when I was a youngin'. Auditions were terrifying, as was standing in front a group of people singing your heart out. 
But it was all worth it in the end. 
When the stage fright wore off and that cast list was finally posted, I was in heaven [assuming I was on the cast list, which luckily for every musical I auditioned for, it was]. 

I've considered auditioning for musicals at the local community theater, but I'm way too chicken. Maybe one day I'll get the guts to do it.

And I was on the dance team in HS as well. I didn't so much like being on dance team as much as I just liked dancing. My best friend, Colby, convinced me to try out in 7th grade and, having never danced before, I thought she was a nut. The audition song was "The Eye of the Tiger". I have that song memorized because we practiced so many flipping times. But, we did it together - granted neither of us made it - and from then on, I was a dancin' fool. 
Mom put me in classes so I didn't suck so badly. Thankfully those worked. 
And after 7th grade we made it every year.

I hated practicing.
I wasn't a fan of the costumes.
And I was pretty lazy when it came to going "all out". 

But at the end of the day when you're performing in front of a crowd of people - there is literally no better high. 
Nothing can compare. 
So now I'm stuck dancing at friends' weddings and at home when Matt's not around [wouldn't want to scare him]. 

....I'm running out of ideas here.

4. Exercise
I'm kind of an adrenaline junkie. 
This might surprise you all because....well, I seem kind of boring. I was much braver in high school, but I guess we can all say that about ourselves. 
Those super-teenage hormones really give you wings. 
So now I get my fix wherever I can. 

Insert: exercise.

Once I drag my butt to the gym I could stay there for hours [if my husband wouldn't be wondering if I had died somewhere]. 
Hence why I once ran 13.1 miles for the fun of it. Better yet, I paid to run in that race..
Check that one off my bucket list.
Running is the best high, in my opinion. But step class comes up a close second. 
The elliptical is just boring, but if you bring a book or watch TV while doing so it's not too bad.
Plus you burn a crap-load of calories.

Lately life has taken hold of me and I have weaseled my way out of going to the gym much more than I care to admit. 
That's just how it goes. 
I'll get my life sorted out here soon and get back on my gym binge. 

And last, but certainly not least:
5.  KU Basketball
 [of course]

I'm sure you guys could've guessed this one. 
It's a little strange that this is a passion of mine, but I assure you I am not alone in this. Many of you reading can probably say the same thing.

My blood pressure sky-rockets during basketball season. 
This last one in particular.
I have a strange attachment to that team, no matter the players on it.
I can't explain it, nor can I justify it. 
It's just there. 

So that's that. My passions in a nutshell. 
I have nothing further to add. 


  1. Thanks for sharing Mallory. :) I've found that it's really hard to have extracurricular activities outside of high school. After high school, you don't have time for dance, or musicals or piano lessons anymore because you're in college! You study, party, study, party. :) But then you graduate, and you hopefully find a job that makes you happy, and you're left with your nights open again. And it's not like your work offers clubs or productions of Little Shop of Horrors like high school did. You have to make an effort to be a part of these kinds of things again!

    I vacated my comfort zone and started taking dance classes in Lawrence with this fun studio that offers single classes. It's filled with people a lot younger (and a lot more talented!) than me, but it's fun and it gets me out of the house. :) Dance is definitely a passion of mine.

    Thanks again for sharing. :)

  2. That's so awesome! I admire your bravery and might have to try that here in Salina.


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