Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY: Shirt Design

 Hey Ya'll!
Alright, so I promised you a Tutorial and a tutorial you're gonna get. 

For my sister's second baby shower, I made Mr. Max a onesie with the Royals logo on the front, and on the back it said "Schreiner" with a number after it. 

It was awesome.
And somehow
I didn't take a picture.
For that project I got a three-pack of onesies, so I had two left over to play with.

I looked at and found some hilarious onesies, but I settled on one that Adam would love. 
A little background on Adam:
For some reason, he loves the song Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice. 

He knows every word to the song. As does his brother, and now my brother.

So originally I wanted to buy a onesie for him that said "word to your mother" which is a lyric on the song, of course. 
But everywhere I looked, they cost like $10-15! 

Um..what are they, magical?

Thankfully, I've figured out how to put my own designs on shirts.

So I made up a design on photoshop, printed it on cardstock, and got to work. 
Make sure to wash your shirts/onesies first to get any extra crap off there. I lent rolled them as well.
After your peel the contact paper off, you can do minor touch up's, even after you take the carboard out from the middle. You won't be using excessive amounts of paint so it shouldn't bleed through.

 I made this shirt for my brosky, too. 
My sis had made him one with iron-on letters for Christmas 
but he'd worn it so much that the letters starting falling off! 
So I solved that problem by painting it. 

I bought the silver paint at HL yesterday thinking in my head that it was fabric paint (because of the small bottle?). When I got home I realized it was just plain metallic silver acrylic paint. 

After further investigation (via the Google) I came to the conclusion that if I just put a drop of water and mix together some of the paint, it will work just fine.

That it did, people. That it did.

Thankfully, because I got three other colors in the exact same paint and if you haven't noticed, the checkout/return/exchange process at HL is anything but speedy.

Seriously, it's like they think it's still 1990.

Anywho - neither of the shirts I painted were perfect, but I still think they turned out pretty darn cute!

MUCH cheaper than buying them off of cafe press. 
The onesies were like $3 for a pack ($1 a piece!) and the paint was $2.19 for a bottle (metallic) and I barely used any paint so I have a lot left over for many more projects!

That's all for now, folks.
Hopefully the tutorial is easy to understand; I am terrible about giving step-by-step directions.
I always leave stuff out!

Comment if you have any questions.

- over and out - 

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