Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY: Phone Cover

 Good morning, beautiful people!
And a very, VERY happy Friday to you all!!!

If you can't tell, I'm super excited that it's Friday
I don't have anything going this weekend!

Holy swiss cheese!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do...

Who knows - 
I may wake up on Saturday morning and drive to Topeka, just out of habit.

Anyway, now that I've got that out of my system...

Last night when I got done with step class at the Y, I came home to an empty house.

Well, not exactly empty. There were still two cats there and balls of hair they had shed throughout the day. 
So that was fun.

Matt went to a Chamber event with his dad so I was left to peace & quiet.

Obviously, I had to craft.
There really was no other option.

As many of you know, I lost my phone during the Mass Street Massacre celebration in Lawrence.
I lost it somewhere between The Eldridge and getting in the truck.
I was too busy celebrating our team's AWESOMENESS to even care.

So, I had to file an insurance claim [thank you, insurance] and they shipped me a new phone the next day. 

Since then, I have dropped it approximately twice a day.
Give or take.

I had this old phone cover that has paint peeling off and was sort of gross. 
I figured since I would probably be throwing it away anyway, I might as well try to revamp it into something awesome.
 So I went downstairs to my pile of newspaper clippings [that I will soon turn into a couple of collages. Perhaps a task for this weekend] and found this little guy. 
 Alright, not exactly little. It was a giant ad congratulating our team on going to the championship. But it was perfect for this project!
 Then I broke out the mod podge.
 As I've said before, the stuff is magical.
 So I just spread it on the cover.
 then, strategically placed the newspaper clipping on there, careful to define the edges [and not rip it in the process]. That took a while. 
Then, you cover the top of the clipping in MP.
 Then repeat that process several times. 
Let dry overnight.

The inside was the trickiest part. It has to clip to the other side of the cover, so I had to make sure all of the excess was gone [newspaper excess & MP goop].
I also had to break out my exacto knife to cut out the holes for the camera, flash, and speaker. I crazy or did this turn out AWESOME?
Now I just need to do something with the front side. 
I tried doing strips of the same ad on the front, but it is so thin that it wasn't working out. I quickly admitted defeat. 
Perhaps I'll have more patience this weekend to try something. 

Operation phone cover:

Now whenever I drop my phone I will cry knowing that the cover I spent two hours on is at risk of being ruined.

But, better than having to file another insurance claim for a cracked screen.

Here's to a fantastically uneventful weekend! :)
Rock Chalk!


  1. Cute idea! I wouldn't have thought of mod-podging onto a cell phone cover. I bet that would look really good with cute scrapbook paper too.

  2. Yeah originally I thought I would do it that way, but newspaper was really easy to maneuver in the different cracks of the cover. There's some tricky spots to try to smooth!

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  4. I hope you enjoy all 4 previous comments.

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