Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patty's Day in KC

 It's possible that I may have over estimated the amount of photographs I took this weekend. 
I meant to take more, but you just get caught up in the hooplah and priorities take hold. 

Rewind to last weekend - 

Matt & I left Salina and headed to KC right after work. 
Grilling out at Michelle's (also known as Matt's Aunt & Uncle's) but when we got there decided it would be much, much easier if we just ordered pizza. 

I feel like it was a good decision all around.

We watched the KU game, which was fairly enjoyable. We led most of the game and played rather well against Detroit. After that we went to Megh & Adam's place and slept there. 

Saturday morning we woke up and the boys left to do boy things (shooting range, disc golf & drinking beer). 

When those pesky boys finally left us to our girly things, Megh & I went through all of Max's things. 
And holy cow are there a lot of things

 He has the shoe collection of a celebrity:
A homemade bedspread & pillows -
Fireman boots - for the hero in you 
A dresser full goodies
 A corner full of all the good stuff - car seat, baby rocker, high chair, etc.
 And approximately 1,000 bibs.
 I had a ball looking at all of his goodies. 
The poor kid's not going to have anything by the time he arrives..

After looking at all of the tiny little items, we decided to go to the mall. Drew & Michelle met us there. 
Turns out we are the worst shoppers of all time.
At one point Megh & I were simply standing outside the doors of a store just looking in. 
Not going inside.
Just staring.

I didn't buy anything (Matt appreciated this) and Megh only purchased some cookies and a book for Max. 
BUT - if you want to know what the Oakpark Mall has to offer...well, we're probably still not the people to ask. 

After the mall, we headed home and decided to grill.
Megh kindly made everyone green beers, the boys grilled burgers, and we watched funny youtube videos. 
 And Drew jumped around like a spider monkey.
 Fred enjoyed sitting with Megh & I and ultimately became the one subject that I photographed most of the night. 
Because he's just so darn cute!
Sunday we ate at Freestate [duh!] and then Matt and I headed back west.

This week has been kind of a blur. I have been super busy.
I've returned to my step class [thankfully]. It's been a great week so far. 

The rents are traveling this way in the pm and we are all going to watch the KU game together.
There's a chance you might hear us all yelling from wherever you are.

Here's to a deliciously Sweet 16 game [get it?!], 
an extraordinarily awesome weekend, 
and a spectacularly funky Friday to you all!

----R  O  C  K     C   H  A  L  K    J  A  Y  H  A  W  K----

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