Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy [also known as Lucy-Loo, Luce, and sometimes just Loo].
She was a gift to my cat-loving husband for Valentine's day/Birthday.

When I went to the shelter to get her, I had to enter the cat room. I spent a good hour there petting all of the cats [there were about 20 of them] because I felt like they all needed a little love. 
It was a hard choice between Luce & another gray Cat that was just as sweet and loving. I couldn't bring myself to come home with two cats, but I really really wanted to bring the other one home too.
I will never go in that cat room again.
It was so sad to see so many kitties in there who just wanted a home.
And if Matt & I weren't planning on having a family, I probably would become the crazy cat lady.
But for now, I think two cats & a dog is plenty [if not too much] for us to handle.

Lucy is one funny kitten.
She's about 8 months, so she's close to being not-so-much-a-kitten-but-a-cat.

But compared to Maggie, she looks like a 6-week old kitten [Mags has some weight issues..].

Some of her many quirks:

-She likes to run around the house like a crazy ass
this brings out crazy in Dexter as well and an all-out track competition ensues.
-She snuggles whenever she gets the chance
this is my favorite of her quirks. Mags isn't into the snuggling so much.
-My bamboo plant is her favorite chew toy
this upsets me because so far it is the only plant I have been able to keep alive..
-When I or Matt bring food to the couch, she immediately goes for it. Don't be surprised if she starts eating directly from your Jimmy John's sandwich as you are. 
this upsets me the most. I don't share food.
-Don't ever try to catch her. She will run from you. She will come up to you when she's darn-well good and ready.

All in all, she's a really funny, sweet kitty and gets along very well with Dex & Maggie Mae.
She got de-clawed yesterday so she was less than thrilled, but she's recovered pretty well.

That's all I've got for today, folks. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

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