Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The list: #1

Numero Uno: List 20 random facts about yourself
If you're confused right now, see my previous post.

1. I played basketball when I was younger. I wasn't all that great, but it was [and continues to be] my all-time favorite sport. I didn't try out in high school because I didn't think I was good enough, which was probably true. But I was very scrappy.

2. I can play piano. Again, not well, because I was a quitter and stopped going to lessons. But I can still play and sightread [terribly].

3. I have a heart murmur. It's harmless, but I judge how good a doctor will be based on if they mention it at my first appointment.

4. I HATE going to the dentist. Seriously, I despise it.

5. My first car was a 2001 Daewoo Leganza in dark blue. My friends referred to it as "the woo" and it still remains my favorite of all of my cars.

6. My love of KU started when we lived in Independence, KS. I was on a T-ball team and we were headed to a game and it was very sunny. We stopped at a gas station to get a hat for me and I chose the KU hat. It quickly escalated from there, obviously.

7. In high school I was a band geek without actually being in the band. I was a band groupie.

8. I was born in Ardmore, OK. When I was just a wee little one my parents took my sis & I to a lake to swim. I had a cut on my foot & got Giardia, a very rare waterborne disease. I got super-sick and was in the hospital in OK city for a long time. I got down to like 17 pounds. I forget how old I was but I think it was around a year old? And I was in the newspaper because a clown came to visit me! My parents still have the article.

9. In French class, my sister sat behind me and enjoyed cheating off my tests because I was so awesome at French and she had no desire to learn the language (sorry, Mr. Riley if you're reading this). I'd also like to note that Megh carried a 4.3 [how is that possible?] GPA and not from cheating. She just hated french.  Also - Mr. Riley was the coolest teacher of all time. 

10. Speaking of my sister - we shared a bed until I was like..16. By choice. We're weird like that.

11. I am not a morning person. At ALL. When I shared a bathroom with Megh, we once got in a curling iron/hair brush battle royal. There were minor burns involved and a lot of yelling. Moral of the story: don't talk to me before 10 am.

12. My house is always a mess. If you've been to our house and you're thinking to yourself "she's just being modest, her house was clean when we went over there!" it was all a mask. I clean when I know people are coming over. And that's the only time.

13. We moved a lot when we were younger. I was born in Ardmore, moved to Independence, then to Topeka, then to Owasso OK, then back to Topeka. Lawrence in College, back to Topeka, and then to Salina.

14. I have to eat at certain times during the day or I turn into a diva.

15. I've ran in several races, including two mud runs, a half marathon, 5k's and 10k's.

16. In high school, extra curricular activities were my friend. I was in the school musical for 3 years, Choir, Show Choir, Dance Team, Student body president, SADD, French Club, STUCO, Prom Decorating Committee, and a crapload of more stuff that I can't remember because it was 800 years ago.

17. I have been in 4, count it FOUR, wrecks, none of which were my fault. 3 of them were rear-endings, one was head-on on the highway. I went through 3 cars because of it.

18. The "dimple" I have is from the head on collision I just mentioned. I smacked my face on the car window when the other car hit and it broke a bone in my cheek. It still hurts when it's cold outside and I really wish I would have gotten it fixed, but it's a battle wound that will remind me that I cheated death. Luckily, now it just looks like I have a giant dent when I smile. Megh likes to pretend to use it as a storage facility and often asks if I can hold stuff in there for her.


19. I went to Branson to compete in "Branson Idol" two years in a row. I never won, but it was a hell of an experience. I auditioned at a Mall in KC. I'd never done anything like that before and they required that you bring your own music. I knew the song I wanted [Independence Day] but didn't know how to get a hold of music for it. So I had our piano player at school, Mrs J., record herself playing it. On a cassette tape.. Meanwhile, we were searching all over the internet for the Karaoke version of it. Finally, my awesome dad found it in the middle of the night [he's dedicated like that] the night before my audition. My sister still laughs at the thought of me auditioning with a recorded piano version. I still laugh, too. I would've looked like a total idiot.

20. Speaking of singing, it's my favorite thing to do in the WHOLE WORLD. I sing at work, in the shower, any time I'm in the car, when I'm cooking and sometimes when I'm on hold on the phone. I've sang at weddings, in musicals, at competitions, in state choir, in Branson, in church choir and in show choir. Singing  keeps me sane.

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