Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY: Door Hanging

 Good morning, beautiful people. 
It's gloomy here today, but I can't complain because it's currently 64 degrees.
In March.

Since the weather is so nice, I decided I should probably take down my KU ornament wreath & KU snow shovel from my front porch. 
Just didn't seem right with the weather. 

We got an awesome KU flag for Christmas so I tried putting that over the front door. It looked cool, but I woke up the next morning with it on the ground. 
Less than ideal.

So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby [dun dun DUN]. 
Luckily, I'm still riding on the gift cards that I got for my birthday.
I picked up these swirl letters:
 I got "jayhawk" too, but decided later that it would be too much and also probably wouldn't fit.

First I sanded all of the letters. Some of the edges were a bit harsh, so they needed work. 
Then I painted each letter; the "Rock" in red and "Chalk" in blue.
I already had the red paint, but I had to purchase blue. I'm sure I'll get more use out of it. 

When the paint finished drying I glued all of them together. This part was tricky because the glue likes to spread everywhere. I burned a few fingers in this process trying to spread the glue so it was was appealing to the eyes. 
 I flipped it over and glued the back in the same spots for good measure.
 Then, I got out the glitter spray [always a good idea]. 
This is an outdoor project, but luckily it was still like 70 degrees when I was doing this at 7:00 last night. 
It's possible that I might have overdone it on the spray glitter. 
It doesn't come out all that easy and started spraying out in large quantities at one point. That stuff automatically dries, so I kind of had to match the rest of the letters. 
Plus it was pretty windy and it was just spraying all over randomly.
 I used some flower base from the floral dept. in HL as the hanger.
It's kind of light so I might try to add something to the back [magnets or something] to weigh it down.
Overall, I like it. Quick & easy project that can hang for most of the year [and it looks pretty awesome, if I do say so myself]. 

Hopefully that glue holds...


  1. Sister, my biggest feat today was unpacking my suitcase. Where can I buy a cup of your creative energy? Love the shower, parents, and new KU hanging posts!

  2. Um, FYI - you have a trillion other things going on right now so don't compare our lives. ;) So glad you liked the posts. I will make you a KU door hanging anytime you want!


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