Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello beautiful people. 
Happy V-Day to all of you! 

Dexter says "Happy Valentine's Day" too.
 I had an incredibly productive weekend. I've had a few projects that I've been putting off. Mostly, this one has just been sitting in my room for way too long. I finally got tired of looking at it. 
A while ago I found this awesome music piece at HL to hang in our room. '
You can't really tell, but it's got some depth to it and the music staff kind of waves in and out. Pretty awesome.

 Anywho, I replaced this picture^ with the music wall decor. (yeah it's dusty from sitting on my dresser for way too long) I realized one day that, though it's a really cool painting/picture/whatever, I have never had a desire to go to London. Paris, Rome, Italy, yes - but not really London. I mean, yeah, if someone was going to buy me a plane ticket to get there, I'm sure I would love it. But I doubt that's going to happen. So I wanted to replace it with something else that would sort of match the decor. 
Insert: HL. Of course.
 I bought this when pictures were 40% off for around $8 with the intention of putting it in that frame.
When I got home to put it in there, I discovered that it was much too long for the frame. Oops.
So I had to cut it. I decided to cut off the top (not that I have a problem with happiness, imagination, or discovering things) because I wanted to make sure "Dream" was in there. (appropriate since it's a bedroom, amirite?)
 And I totally failed because I didn't take an after picture. But you can use your imaginations (pun intended). No worries, I did Windex (that's a verb now, in case you didn't know) everything.
So, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the leftover letters from the top. 
I decided to change a picture I already had hanging on the wall. It was very random, and had some great pictures in it, but it didn't feel very put together. Someone gave me this frame for a wedding gift and it is awesome! It's 3 panes of glass on top of each other so you can do different layers to give it some depth.  
And I forgot to take a before picture (fail) but here's one from the tour I gave you all last year.
If you squint, you can see it. 
And here's the after! 
I cut out the "imagination" and flipped the discover & happiness. 
Worked out pretty good, eh?
I also finally hung the frame that guests at our wedding signed.
 I fixed my KU tutu with the ribbon I finally got in.
It's on my Etsy Shop here
 And I made another wreath (to replace the V-day one)
I used gray yarn, several different pieces of felt for the flowers, and white yarn to hold the flags. 
Cute, right?! Hopefully it will bring some Spring weather our way.
Granted, the weather has been pretty spectacular as of late, but those few days that are frickin' freezing just make me wish we lived in Florida.

I enjoyed working in my new craft room & leaving the mess in the basement. 
Very nice to have my dining room table free of clutter. 

So, with that said, I'll leave you with some pics from last night's win.


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