Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Projects

I have good news:
Monday is close to over.

I'm not sure how the weekend flew by so quickly, but it certainly did.

I didn't get a lot of cleaning or laundry done; I did fun stuff instead.

I got this wild idea last week to make our office downstairs into a craft room for me.
We very rarely use the office and I had craft supplies strewn about the house. Matt was getting a bit annoyed.

So Saturday when I woke up and remembered that I had this brilliant idea, I got REALLY excited and headed straight to Walmart to get some things to start.

I don't have a before picture. Totally dropped the ball there. But basically the office was empty save for a computer that never got used and a filing cabinet that is not in any way filed.
I left the computer in there because typically when I'm doing a craft I have to refer back to Pinterest for deatils.
 I got this dry erase stickable stuff from Wally world. It came in a giant sheet & I just cut little pieces to label things.
 I'll get to the crayon art in a minute. I purchased a fold up table from Wally-world because as you can see in the picture above the desk does not leave much room for crafting. And I'm going to finally get some good use out of my KU lamp.
 I got a paper-towel holder from WW and had Matt help me secure it to the wall for a handy dandy ribbon holder. As you can see, I have a plethora of ribbons. I might have to just keep installing paper towel holders if I get more ribbon. It's full already.
 So now, I have my own personal space to store all of my craft goodies. It's not as fancy as some of the ones I've seen on Pinterest, but it's a work in progress. I'd really like to paint the walls, but that seems like an awful lot of work.

Okay, now onto mah crafts. First up:
Crayon Art

 I got a 2-pack of canvases from WW for $5, and a three-pack of crayons for $5 [that also included a Mr. Crayon shaped sharpener...score!].
 And this is repetitive, but we'll go over it again.
Line up your crayons in Roy G Biv order. [Actually I started with Pink, so I guess it'd be Proy G Biv]
 Hot glue your crayons to the top of the canvas.
 Get ready for some solid crafting fun.
Locate a blow dryer.
Start melting.
 Next, I wrote "Dream" in a metallic gray color that would be easy to see but also easy to cover up.
 Next, take your crayon and melt the end with a flame of sorts. I got the idea for this here. You can also use a candle. Probably safer.
  Then when I was finished with that, I wrote some verbs around the edging. I think that added to it
And there you have it.
 Note: if you're going to try this, do not drop it on the floor later. The crayon will pop right off. Not that I would know...

For a few months now I've mulled over doing a Menu to hang in the kitchen. It just so happens that I go to the store with a plan for the week's meals and then life happens and turns everything upside down and I waste a ton of food. Less than ideal and not great on the budget.
Originally I wanted to do one with chalk, but when I saw the Dry-erase stickables at WW, I thought that sounded a lot easier.
I used my scrap-booking scissors to add some pizzaz to the edges. I used different colored sharpies for the days of the week.

 And voila! I stuck those suckers to the fridge & we're all set.
 Pretty handy. Now I just have to use it..

Nick, Matt, Michelle & I went bowling yesterday and played 3 games. Not only did I gutter it only a handful of times, but I more than tripled my score from the first time I played. My top score reached 104! So I don't totally suck. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

I'm not going to discuss Saturday's showing in Columbia because the wound is still healing. We have another challenging game coming up on Wednesday against Baylor [at their house] and here's to hoping we can pull our stuff together.

I finished the Nicholas Sparks book and let me just say that the ending was definitely not what I was expecting. I'll leave it at that. 

So, that's all I have to report.
Longer letter later.

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  1. What Nicholas Sparks book???? I'm reading "The Lucky One" since it will be coming out soon. Haven't had as much time to read since Lyla has actually been sleeping alright & not been a pill about going to sleep FINALLY. :)

  2. It's "At First Sight" the sequel to "True Believer". Very good!


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