Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Helllloo everyone
and a happy and hearty
to you all!
Oh yeah and remember that one time we won the Big 12 for the 8TH STR8 year in a row? 
That JUST happened.
This past weekend was a ball.
I headed to Topeka on Friday after a Dr.'s appointment in Manhattan. I went home and mom and I met Megh at Red Robin for dinner. We had a grand time and a super-friendly waiter and got a delicious desert sent to us by a friend that just so happened to be there at the same time! Afterward we went to the Kansas Sampler - a dangerous place for Mallory to visit (for my bank account, anyway).

Ma's birthday was on Saturday and we had a grand time celebrating
with shopping at the mall and target.
watching KU barely squeak by in an EPIC border showdown for the last time in the Big 12 and
with dinner at Longhorn with great friends!
There were also Reese's McFlurries involved, as well as some SNL, and watching Max roll around in Megh's stomach. 

So, to prepare for this lovely weekend, I had some crafts to do.
First up was a wreath for Mom for her birthday.
I wanted to stick with the Spring theme because of the cute colors associated with the season.
I started off by wrapping a 14" wreath with white yarn. I didn't stick with the typical clean looking wrapping - I did a lot of overlapping.
Then I made the flowers. I picked up every bright color of felt that HL had. Instead of making different types of flowers, I stuck with the same type and just made different sizes.

I started by cutting a square size of felt. The bigger the square, the bigger the flower. 
 Next, cut the square into as much of a circular shape as you can. You could use a guide like a lid or something, but I just flew by the seat of my pants. It doesn't have to be perfect.
 Then, cut the circle into a spiral shape. I typically try to make the outside lines a little bigger than the inner ones, but you can make them all the same size and it won't really matter. 
Again, it doesn't have to be perfect.
 Then, starting in the center, pull the spiral together in a spinning motion and you get this:
 and glue the edge. You can glue along the way, but I figure it's easier and less messy to just glue the edge.
Repeat this step 40 times and you get a whole batch of flowers!
I glued them all on, putting them as close together as possible. Then I added ribbon as the hanger and
 There you have it.

So then I realized I had yet to make my favorite sister a wreath to hang in her apartment!
She's fancy, so I went with argyle on hers. 
KU themed, of course!
I wrapped the wreath first in red yarn. After that, I cut out the blue diamonds and sat them next to each other. I glued them down with Elmer's school glue - which didn't exactly hold well - and then tied the gray yarn around it. That's all one long stream of yarn.
I bought some wood swirly letters from HL and painted them with the silver paint I already had handy.
 And then I glued them to the wreath!
 Awesome, right?! 

In the midst of packing, I left a box of baby shower stuff on my kitchen table which Lucy-loo took full advantage of.

Anyway - back to this weekend.
Sunday morning we left to eat at Freestate (of course). 
We sat next to Scot Pollard.
No big deal.
Remember him? He used to paint his fingernails.
Being in Lawrence just upsets me. I would move back to that city in a heartbeat.
We stopped to take a picture of Max & Megh
And then it turned weird..

To end this post, I will leave you with some pictures from the Mizzou game, most of which are from kusports.com.

That's all, folks.
Have a fantastic week!

R O C K   C H A L K   J A Y H A W K!


  1. Ok, first of all I sincerely hope that the weirdo pick of Megh and Adam is saved for many years to show Max someday just how odd his parents could be lol. Second, your wreaths are adorable! Third, those pics of the game are AMAZING :)

  2. Rin is just jealous of our sexy pregnancy photo. Thanks again for the wreath sissy. It looks awesome in our place! I'm glad we got to share in that heart stopping game together! Rock chalk!

  3. haha..well, sis, who ISN'T jealous of your sexy preggo foto?! So glad we got to watch it together, too. Except that you made me a little nervous getting so excited!!! Max's heart rate probably reached the 200's! I could tell he was nervous.
    Thanks, Rinny! I'm not sure why I like making wreaths so much, but I DO know that I'm definitely keeping HL in business!! Just ask Matty! :)


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