Friday, January 6, 2012

Hunger Games

Hello everyone. I'm in a terrible mood today, so I'll keep this post short [it's for your own good]. I think part of my sour mood is that I finished The Hunger Games series.

See? I told you. I get very upset when I'm finished with a book [it's worse when it's a series]. I finished this three-part series very quickly, because it was an incredibly easy read. Not easy as in this-was-written-for-a-third-grader, but the you-can't-stop-reading-because-it's-that-freaking-good kind.

I got attached to the characters and scenery and everything in between. Luckily, there's a movie coming out in March, so I hold on until then.

Next up on my reading list: At First Sight, a book which I so happen to already have on my shelf. Found it the other day, randomly. Bonus!

Update later with weekend fun.

Oh, and I'm sure since you don't [I'm assuming] live in a hole, you probably saw the smack-down we laid on K-State at the Fieldhouse.
Just wanted to mention that.

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  1. Yea. I've watched this trailor about 20 times. I'm so freakin' excited for this movie. The only poor choice I think they made was Haymitch's hair. :)


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