Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey ya'll.
I'm feeling the southern talk today.
Don't judge.

Okay, so this week I have crafted.
Like...a lot.
Which means 2 things.
1) Cool crafts to show off
2) My house is a disaster

Oh well.

This week on Martha's crafting we have 
felt roses and pink tutus.
Let's start with the roses.

I made some different types of flowers with felt, but I wanted to tackle the rose. It looked the most difficult, hence the putting it off. I bought the felt at HL for like .25 a piece. These roses cost me a quarter. I feel pretty good about that.

Start with a piece of fabric 6 inches long [or so]. This will be for the center of the rose.
I made it about 1 inch thick, but made the line a little diagonal so the center of the rose was different heights. Made it look cooler. The thickness, or height, of the piece of fabric depends on how tall you want your rose to be overall. I wanted this one to be smaller, so I made it shorter than the previous ones I made.
Next, roll up your fabric [like so] and put a dab of hot glue at the end to secure it.
 Next, it's time to cut out the petals. I don't have a picture of how large the square I cut was, but I'm going to guess it was about 1.5x2. Again, you want the height of the pedal to be close to the height of your center so it doesn't look disproportionate. If you make it too big, no worries. It's easy to shave off some height. I did absolutely no measuring for this, so there was a lot of "shaving" going on.
 To secure the petal, put a small line of hot glue on the very bottom,
 then attach the petal to the glue. Hold it there for a sec..glue doesn't dry terribly fast on felt.
 Then you can add a dab of hot glue to the edges of the petal so they're not just sticking out.
Keep cutting.
And cutting.
And cutting
Until you have a full-looking rose.
And last - but certainly not least - admire your cute roses. 
You can add some fabric to the bottom if you have it left over so the ugly glue doesn't show. In this case, I'm gluing them to a wreath anyway, so I didn't really care if they were ugly on the bottom.

K, so we're done with those. Easy peasy, right?

Now, onto m'ah tutu.
I had made a wreath with all of this tulle. And then, when I was done, I looked at it and thought to, this is ugly. 
It looked way too 80's.
So I started over. Insert super-cute tutu.

That's one of the flowers I was talking about earlier. You can find a tutorial for that here.
Cute, right?! I love these colors. If you love it so much that you want to buy it, that's cool, too. It's here on my Etsy shop, which currently has a whopping 2 items in it.
I have a dilemma.
Turns out crafting comes with consequences.
It's the devil.
Seriously, it gets everywhere.
Including my hairline. Where it seems to multiply by the hour.
I promise you, I wash my hair.
I do.

But this stuff will not go away.
First world problems.
Tragic tale, right?
I got a new printer today at work. The one I was using to print checks kept eating up like 6 checks at a time; very frustrating, especially when you have to go back and correct each one individually in Quickbooks.
So the printer's awesome, and I had a $50 off coupon from Quill, so that worked out pretty well.
I'm sure I looked like a real idiot opening the box, trying to get this thing out using several different methods. Couldn't lift it; too heavy. I was forced to tip the box over and let it slide out onto the tile, which made me very nervous.
When I finally got it out of the box, I lifted it to take it to my desk. That sucker was heavy.
Mid-way through my trek to the desk, the story took a horrifying turn. The paper tray that I was holding on to slipped out of my grasp & I barely just saved the printer by perching it on a desk that was nearby. Thank God. In the process, I cut my hand. Badly. It got trapped between the printer & a corner of the desk. There's a solid chunk of skin that my ring tore out of my finger. 
And then, I go to inspect my ring and find that it is badly misshapen and also cracked.
This ring has been through hell & back. Matt got it for me for our 1 year anniversary when we were just dating. From a store in Lawrence that since has closed down. It's a sapphire - my favorite stone [because it's blue ;)] with two diamonds on the side. Very lovely. But the sapphire cracked a while ago, so it's a bit misshapen too. I could have got it sanded down, but I like that it's got some wear & tear on it. But I will definitely have to take it to a jeweler to get this...put back to a circle and the crack fixed. For the second time. Yeah, forgot to mention that it had cracked once before.
Now that I think about it, I'm questioning how well-made this ring was...
Anywho, that's my riveting story for the day.
Thankfully I made it through the debacle with minor injuries.

This weekend, Michelle's coming to town. Tonight we're taking Kenz bowling & tomorrow is the game. I'm excited to go bowling and I'm fairly confident that I will lose horribly. 
I can't even win at wii bowling.

Oh well. I've got bigger fish to fry anyhow.

So, in parting, I wish you all a very happy Friday and weekend!
Be sure to tune in to the battle against Texas at 3pm on Saturday.

And put your

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