Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY: Quickies

Just a couple of quick DIY projects I've done in the past week -

First up: Christmas Card Holder
The cards have been rolling in and Matt hates it when I tape them to our fridge, so I wanted to find a different way.
A quick search on Pinterest lead me to a clever idea.
 Materials: Ribbon, tape, and Christmas Cards.
I used wire ribbon[though any ribbon would work] and taped the ribbon to the inside of the cabinet door with painters tape [so there's no tape-goop left over].
The pinterest example used Clothes pins to hang the pictures, but I searched all over hell & back for them and had absolutely no luck. Tape worked fine. 
Next: Grinch Mural
The Grinch (Jim Carrey Version) is one of my top-3 favorite Holiday movies, so I wanted to do a cute mural of that to hang up. 
Materials needed: Letter Stickers, Canvas, red, green & silver paint, paintbrush, painters tape
I started off painting the entire thing silver. Then I used painters tape to mark off the edges to put a red border on. 
After that I cut out all of the letters I would need and arranged them on the board. 
Midway through I decided I needed bigger letters, but oh well.
I drew lines on top of the silver so my wording would be somewhat uniform. 
Then I stuck all of the letters on and painted green over them.
 This was while the paint was still drying because I am the least patient person on the planet.
 When the paint dries, you can pull off the stickers. Believe me when I say this is much more tricky than it sounds. But it was kinda fun. Matt even helped.

It's not done. I'm not happy with it. I'm going to try to find some snowflake stickers to put on there, and possibly something else. Not sure yet. I just know it's not completely done.

That's that!


  1. I think you are officially obsessed with DIY projects, my dear. Need me to call someone about it? LOL. I love reading about your crafty creations! And I must say I LOVE the card hanger idea. I usually tape them around the frame of our door into the dining room, but I love this idea even more. I may have to steal that for either this year or next. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  2. haha..yes, Gina, I think that's a definite possibility [and so does my husband. ;)].


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