Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY: Peppermint Wreath

Gooooood morning beautiful people.
Matt and I had another exciting weekend.

Destination: Topeka
Purpose: Christmas Party
End Result: Success.

 I took my ma an early Christmas gift because I thought it might help dress up the place.
Little did I know, that my mother had decorated their house to look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens.
Seriously, it looks so pretty.

But, she graciously added it to her decor anyway. :)
SO - now that I've given it to her, I can tell you how I made it.
I got a plethora of goodies from HL.
I ended up getting a smaller wreath than I have typically been using, simply because HL was out of the regular ones [I think I might be to blame for that..]
In turn, I ended up using a lot less supplies than I had anticipated. 
I returned quite a few things.
I found the peppermint ornaments and they were really cheap! Plus, I ended up using all of them and didn't run short.

Again, I used hot glue to secure everything to this wreath. I started off by covering the foam with red ribbon.
These peppermint ornaments were awesome and added extra depth to the wreath. I used 8 of them and tried to position them evenly, but placed in different directions.
No organization here. :)
Some of them were way too long, so I just broke off the ends by hand. Pretty easy to do.
 Before I got too far along, I glued the ribbon that will be used as the hanger.
 The peppermint ornaments worked great because there were three different sizes. If you start making one of these you'll realize that you will need many different sizes to fill in gaps along the way.

I added the peppermint sticks last for that extra flare & Voila! 
Peppermint in all it's glory.

There's my DIY for the week. I have one more to add, but that gift won't be given until this weekend, so I will post as soon as next week.

Um, can I just mention how my boys ROCKed Ohio State this weekend?! 
Okay, so we still had some sloppy plays, passes, and Taylor [don't get me started] screwing up left and right. But, a win's a win - so I'll take it!


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  1. LOVE it! I want to make one now! Daaang Martha! ;)



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