Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Whoa buddy, have I been MIA or WHAT?
My lack of blogging is appalling.
Just call me Slacker McSlacks-a-lot.

Though, in all fairness, I was just recuperating from the insaneness that Festival of Trees brought on. Seriously, it was a frickin' madhouse. In my brain, anyway.

As I told you, I took Thursday and Friday off to devote all of my attention to the event.
Boy howdy, did I. 
Thursday was mildly hectic, but it went better than we could have imagined. I stayed at the Ramada until 12:15 [yes, that's A.M.] to try to get my computer work done. It was much easier to get things done when I was by myself. 
Dork moment for the night: I had the security guard walk me to my car that was a mere 15 feet from where I was standing inside. Paranoid? Yes. But, better safe than sorry. 
Just sayin'. 

Friday was an entire day of tying up loose ends, getting programs done, bid numbers printed & sorted. 
Lots and LOTS of loose ends.

And then came the actual event.
Let me just say that it was...beautiful.
No, it was gorgeous.
Seriously; gorgeous decorations, gorgeous attendants, and gorgeous trees.
If you click on these pictures, I assure you they are not blurry. The photo uploader on this site is not exactly up to my standards.

Anywho - the night was wonderful. We raised a ton of money for a great cause, and that's totally what it's all about. 

Fast forward a week and we have Thanksgiving.
Wait, WHAT?

Yeah, Thanksgiving.
I can't believe it's already come & gone.

We had a great Thanksgiving. The food was AH-mazing, the weather was delightful, but best of all I got to see my family! 

There was one slight bump in our Thanksgiving plans. Or black Friday plans, I should say. 
That bump would be that we decided to go out in that disaster at all. Thursday night we ventured over to Wal-Mart at 10 pm. 

Can I just say that I have NEVER in my life seen such a debacle.

It was terrifying.
Like a whole hoard of pterodactyls chasing you towards a cliff knowing that at the end all that awaits you is a pool of hot lava kind of terrifying.

Luckily, my mother and brother keep a much more level head than I. 
We dropped off Mom as close as we could get and then proceeded to park a mile away.
Going inside the lion den, we searched and searched for mother. 
"Oh sweet Lord, we are NEVER going to find her!" 
^ I'm sure you've already guessed that was me
But alas, she emerged from the crowd of crazies. I have never felt so relieved to see 
1) my mother, still alive and in one piece
2) a plastic bag in her hand containing the prized Nook.

Cue the "let's get the hell out of here."
^That was also me.

I'm pretty sure they regretted immediately bringing me. 
It seems in crowds of people I turn into a huge baby.
But, seriously

I stated later "I would pay triple the amount in order to never have to do that again."
True story.

So, once we got back to the hotel room [we stayed at the Legends], my pulse slowed, and I crashed.

Friday we went to Nebraska furniture mart, which was surprisingly enjoyable. They got us through the line like champs. Afterwards we ate lunch and I headed on my merry way back to Salina. 

Michelle & Nick came to town, which is always so much fun. They stayed until Sunday. 
I did a number of crafts, many of which I can't discuss because they are gifts for family members that happen to read this blog, but I will post after I give them their gifts.

Teaser - 
Matt had to document the outfit I was wearing while crafting on Saturday. I think it was stunning.
^Custom-made wreath door hanger

And Sunday I put up my tree! Kenz helped with the decorations and I think we did one heckuva job.

 I know there's a crap-ton of pictures, but that's just how I roll.
Tonight: White Christmas the Musical with Kenzie, then the BBBS Christmas Party on Sunday. 
I'm hoping we can get Christmas Lights up on Saturday, but we'll see if I can get Matt motivated.

There's some interesting things brewing in our house, but I'm going to keep you guessing for right now because....well it's just more fun that way.
[and no, I'm not preggo. I wanted to get that out there because that's how rumors get started]
Anywho - I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

Lots of Rockin' & Chalkin' -


  1. All I can say is you are one hell oy a woman and very talented. Tell little ------ I said hello. Happy hanging lights

  2. Good God Martha, you put me to shame. Come, come to my one bedroom and decorate for Christmas. Savvy sisters unite.


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