Friday, November 11, 2011

Losing My Mind

WHOA. I feel like it's been a year since I've posted a new blog. 

Didja miss me? 
Eh, it happens.

So. What's been going on in the [not-so-exciting] life of M&M?

Allow me to share....

there was Halloween;

And then there was Florida;

 "Action Shot" by Matt.
Pier #4 - my lucky number. 
I'm sure that's why they named it that. 
For me.
 ^Army Dudes showing us their rigs.
 ^Dad inspecting the Humvee.
 ^The world's largest headrest
 ^The one Manatee we saw at the Manatee Reservoir
 ^Yuengling: Half the reason people travel to the east coast.
 ^Blackened Mahi Mahi...yumm
 ^Awesome dog just hangin' out on his boat.
 ^Boat Storage
 ^Mr. Crab. I've never seen Dad move so fast as when this crab lunged at him.
 ^ The condo complex
 macro mode athankyouverymuch.
 ^Drew's creation. This guy walked by and waves all his friends over. 
They proceeded to take pictures while Drew basked in his awesomeness.
 ^Why? I rotated this picture and it disobeyed my orders.
 ^Air boatin' it. 
Swamp land.

And then there was anxiety on the flight home [not pictured].
Followed by what seemed like a 10 hour drive back to Salina [when really it was only 3].

When we finally got back to the house at 10pm, I was so tired that I didn't feel tired.
So I proceeded to stay up until midnight watching shows on our DVR [believe me, there was a plethora of them]. 

This week has consisted of:
watching our mountain of recorded shows
catching up on sleep
ignoring the laundry
ignoring the piles of clothes on my dresser
and ignoring the disaster that is my house.
Thankfully, the hubs threw me a bone and cleaned/did laundry on his day off.
That was spectacular.
Two less things to ignore.

Tonight, it's back to traveling. 
I will be attending the much-anticipated showing of The Outsiders with Kenz in Topeka. 
I'm super excited to see this play; it was one of my favorite books that my english teacher forced me to read in high school.

So, that's that.
A day in the life. 

Word to your mother - 

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