Monday, October 10, 2011

Manic Monday

I've come to a realization about bloggers around the world wide web.

Apparently, to be a cool blogger, I should be giving stuff away. 
Like prizes. For reading my blog.

Today's prize?

A new blog.
Yeah, you're welcome.

And everybody wins.

This weekend was utterly dull.
In a very, very good way.

Saturday I wasn't feeling too  hot, but I made it to the gym anyway. I managed to pound out 33 minutes on the elliptical. [I typically round off, but on that day, those 3 extra minutes were a bitch, so I had to mention them]. When I got home I made some lunch and watched some shows that were bogging down the DVR. 
And from there - straight to bed. 
I napped.
And napped.
And then - I napped some more.
This continued for approximately 3 hours.

Apparently I was tired.
When I got up
[more like when I was woken up by my dear Husband]
M&I watched Fast Five
[Sis, I can hear you judging me right now.]
It was pretty awesome.
I've always been a sucker for the Fast & Furious franchise [that seemingly never ends].
Except when they replaced Paul Walker with that kid who has a frighteningly deep southern accent. I wasn't on board with that change.

Anyway - I'm getting off topic - it's worth renting.

Sunday I woke up at 8:30 and couldn't sleep any longer [one of the fun effects of having a big girl job and getting up at the same time every day]. I turned to Matt and told him to get his butt up and we had to run to Wal-Mart before the flock ascends [the crazy, Sunday, Wal-mart-going flock, that is]. 

So I threw on some makeup, mah boots, and a scantily tight pair of jeggings and proceeded to Wal-Mart. 
As I was getting ready, I was asking myself why I was going to so much effort to look good - I could walk in there in a pair of ripped overalls and still be the most stylish person within a 10 mile radius. 
But then I realized that I just feel better when I get up and get ready - and especially when I wear boots. 
They're magical or something.

I made a list. 
I gave Matt half the list and left him with this wisdom:
Divide and conquer. 
Mainly so we can get the hell out of Wal-Mart.
Time was of the essence.
Luckily we missed the after-church crowd as well as the heathens who wake up late and miss church [we are included in this group, I must admit] and got home before 10. 

Cleaning and laundry occupied the rest of our day and I got in an hour-long workout at the gym [I stayed on the elliptical extra time because of the extra calories I seemed to consume on Saturday. It's like I felt like eating every thing in was just one of those days]. 

Thankfully it rained most of the weekend. My flowers are not lookin' too hot, and our water bill could use a serious break [in case you think your water bill is high - think again. Ours topped out at close to $400 last month. Effing sprinkler system...]

And at 5 I had the dress rehearsal for the Fashion Show I was asked to be in.
What fashion show, you ask?
Whoever thought it was a good idea to ask me - the 5'2" chick with a [sort-of] athletic build and calves the size of Serena Williams - to be in a fashion show, I don't know. But it's definitely an interesting experience. 
I'm modeling Target clothes [favorite store ever].
I am modeling 2 outfits:
Sweater dress, Jeggings, boots, & sweet jacket
In tan

In black
And this dress with jeggings, black boots and a sweet jacket. 
In black

It's a fundraiser for a Children's Hospital. I'm trying to convince Matt that he needs to go, despite the fact that it's $30 a ticket [um, it's for a good cause!]. I will post pictures.

And after I was done with rehearsal I picked up Kenz & took her to Spangles [her choice, don't judge me.] We went to Target after dinner to walk around. She tried on every hat she could find as well as every pair of heels [that were like 8 sizes too big] in the shoe department. She was searching for the pair with the biggest heel and modeling them like a pro. I was impressed! We had a ball - though I'm sure some of the Target employees were annoyed with us for not buying anything, yet trying everything on. 
Oh well.

Today I am in an impossibly good mood for the following reasons:

1) I am going to Topeka this weekend which means
     a) I will get to see my sister, parents & brother
     b) we are going to Late Night at the Phog [which SCREAMS awesome]
2) Today is the last day I will EVER have to do orientations. For those of you who have heard me bitch and moan about this, I'm sure you're rejoicing. 
3) I have worked out 5 days in a row, which is prrrretty awesome, if I do say so myself. 

That's all I've got to say about that. 
Until next time - 

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