Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two Years

Hellllllo Friends.

What a lovely weekend I had. 
Thursday afternoon I left for Topeka [sans the Hubby. Workaholic] and met Mom, Rin & Sis at Red Robin for some girl-time. To say that we had a good time wouldn't quite cover it. 

We laughed. 

A lot.

Seriously, people were staring.

I took a vacay day [!]. This day included:
Sleeping in. 
Picking up Liam. 
Eating lunch at Wellers. 
Homecoming Parade:
Hanging at the house:
 Football Game:
 Homecoming Dance:


Saturday was just as fun. I slept in even longer this day, got dressed & went shopping with Mom & Megh. Then, we ate lunch at Jason's Deli and I went on my merry way. 

Meanwhile, in Salina:
I got home and Matt immediately wanted to go take pictures with our new camera.
 We ventured over to Coronado Heights, a 20 minute jaunt south of Salina.
Apparently it's an old castle that was built in 1931. 
Why? No clue.
But it's a kick-ass place to take pictures. 
It's up on a super-tall hill so you can see for miles. 
Not that there's much to see, but it's rather gorgeous when you're up on top of that hill.

  Matt had the camera and he was trying to catch me "gazing". 
Unfortunately, I'm not much of a gazer, but he caught a few good ones.
Here you see me pondering. 
What exactly I'm mulling over in that head of mine, I'm not sure. 
But I'm guessing it was very deep.

Afterwards, we picked up a pizza from Papa Murphy's & headed to Doug & Jo's. There we visited with Lou & Vickie, and Monty - some great friends.

I slept in. 
[you might've noticed the trend in sleeping in. this was a glorious part of my weekend]

We woke up; I made us breakfast burritos and went outside to hang out in the beautiful weather. And then I did laundry.

All. Friggin'. DAY

Less than ideal.
And, of course, Matt took some more pictures:

 Our two-year anniversary. 
I can't believe it's been two years already. 
It feels like we just got married last month.

Turns out, we've done a few things in the last two years. 

We bought our first house..
and then sold it.
 And bought a newer, pretty house!
Traveled to NYC...
 And Florida. [Twice]
Been through job changes -
And marathons - 
Added a brother to the family...
And a dog.

And here we are.
Two years have come and gone [5 years total] & we are still as weird, dysfunctional & in love as ever. 
In fact, we've grown two-fold; as a couple and as people. 

Nothing can make you grow up like buying a house. 
And then selling that house & buying another.
Or budgeting.
Buying a car. 
[well, buying anything for that matter]
Buying insurance.
Grocery Shopping.
Caring for pets.
Living with a significant other.
Paying bills.
Planning for a family.

It's all a game. 
And Matt & I make a pretty good team.

So here's to many more years to come,
many more adventures,
and much more growing.


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