Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend Update

Gooood morning all. Hope all is swell with you lovely folks. 
This is going to be kind of a lengthy blog - I've got a lot [of useless information] to fill you in on. 

Last night I got home and didn't feel like working out.
I had a creative itch.

So I put on my boots [they're like my super-power], jeggings, and a cute sweatshirt & headed to Hobby Lobby, the hubs in tow. 

I had a plan in my head of what I wanted to purchase.
I did not realize, however, that each thing I bought was going to be questioned by my partner in crime. 
Here's Matt in Hobby Lobby:

as i'm picking up a canvas "So, you're going to do some painting, huh?"
while looking for modge podge "What the hell is modge podge??"
browsing through fake flowers to put in my planters "$20 dollars?! You could just buy all new plants for that!"

and finally - in a moment of defeat..
"I thought I was bored and wanted to come with you. I was wrong."

 So I made it quick, got what I wanted, and ignored the fact that he complained the entire time. 
Typical male.

my plan
When I was in Topeka this past weekend, my mother - the amazing woman that she is - hooked me up with a bunch of Halloween decorations. 
I had some in the basement, but if I would have put up only the ones I had, our house would have looked pathetic. Like someone started decorating for Halloween and then forgot to finish.

You see - our last house was quite a bit smaller than our current house. 
So the decorations I had for Republic house were perfect - just enough for it to not look tacky.
For this house, however, it just wasn't enough.
Not for my taste anyway.

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. 
There's no pressure [unless you're attending a Halloween party & are forced to come up with a costume]. No gift-buying [except candy for strangers]. No forced gatherings. 
Just good, clean fun. 
And a little spooky here and there.
side note: I've never been a haunted-house goer. It causes unnecessary anxiety that I don't have the stomach for.
So amidst all of the awesome decorations that I received from my ma was this:
A super-cute wall hanging. But I thought I might be able to jazz it up a bit. 
You know.
Give it a little...flare.

I started by taking all of the excess pieces off.
Next, I got the paint ready.
 [I used two of these paintbrushes. But it was comforting to know I had backup.]
And then I proceeded to paint.
I wanted to have a black - orange - black pattern going.
I turned this picture around in photoshop, but for some reason it wouldn't download to here correctly.
And I kind of failed on the pictures after that, but the gist of it was that I sprayed the crap out of it with spray glitter [much like the wreath yesterday], added some curly-cues, and called it a day.

The end result:
 It needs a bow on the wire near the center, so I will add that when I find the perfect one.

I have another project [this one doesn't revolve around Halloween] in mind for this weekend.
hint: the canvas comes into play.

Okay, enough with the Martha Stewart stuff. 
This past weekend we went to late night. Kenz got to tag along and I think she had a blast! 
 Me, Kenz, Megh & peanut.

 Kenz patiently waiting for a t-shirt to be thrown at her. She didn't catch one, but mom was so sweet & bought her one anyway.
 The mascots from around Kansas. Random, yes.
 Cheerleaders doing what they do.
 The boys dancing before their scrimmage.
 ROB RIGGLE!! Google him if you aren't sure who he is, but I'm sure you all have seen him as one of the cops in The Hangover. His tagline? "IN THE FACE!"
Grandma & Tassi- these ones were for you ^. Bill Self showed up on a CUSTOM KU motorcycle commemorating the 2008 Championship. And the best part? He was wearing all leather. ALL leather. Hilarious.

Saturday we headed home, but not before Kenz discovered the trampoline in the back yard. And when I started taking pictures of her on it, she wanted to continue! 
Drew had to show off his mad skills, too.
On the way home, Kenz decided that she wanted to be a model [which I told her she could totally do on account of her being so flippin' adorable.]

Saturday evening, I backtracked and Matt & I went to Manhattan to watch the Band march at K-State. It was awesome [as usual] and the band ROCKED IT with a superior rating! 
It's always amazing to watch them & to hear the comments from the other people there. There was a lot of positive feedback. Probably because they're a powerhouse of awesome. Just sayin'. 

So that was my weekend. I have kept incredibly busy, which has kept my mind off a lot of things. 

In addition to all of the Halloween garb I have purchased at HL, I also got a cool wall sticker for our bathroom - 
Pretty sure there's no better place in the house for you to see this every day.

I chopped my hair off. 
My apologies for the crap-tastic picture [pretty sure web-cams don't hold a candle to my EOS], but I just wanted to show you all a picture of it after I left the salon. Because I guarantee it will never be styled like this again. No, it will be styled in the 5-minute routine I have in the morning [because God forbid I actually wake up when my alarm goes off].

This weekend I have nothing going. But I plan on hanging out with Kenzie and hopefully carving pumpkins [pictures to come, of course]. 

In the meantime - I hope you are all having a great week. 
And in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, another stamp!

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