Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yard Games

Last night - Matt & I were bored.
Both of us had worked out, showered, cooked dinner, and done a load of laundry; all by 7 pm.

My suggestion to ease the boredom?

Yard Games.

We got 2 awesome sets of yard games for our wedding (neither of which had been opened up to this point). One was bocce and one was a collection of several games in one bag.

I wanted to play Bocce, but Matt wanted to play something else.

So he set up the badminton net.

You can imagine how this went. I didn't get footage of this attempt, but it was entertaining to say the least.

After the make-shift net had been assembled, we actually had to play the game.

We didn't follow the rules (that required reading the instructions), but we did know the basic idea behind the game: get the ball-thingy over the net with the ridiculous racquets provided.

Here's a illustration of how it went:
I was terrible. I could barely get it over the net. I was laughing so hard at how awful I was that subsequently my skills were diminished even further.

"We're more artsy than anything" I said, laughing; my attempt at making excuses for my poor athletic ability.

"Artsy?!" Matt asked

Well, it's better than being both un-artsy and un-athletic!

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  1. Haha. Maybe you're not artsy or athletic, but you know how to have fun. That's just as good. But I think you are pretty awesome with PhotoShop! Loved the pic, hilarious.


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