Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Season

Last night I came home and you know the first words that came out of my mouth?

"Guess what's on TV tonight!"

Because I am so flippin' excited that my shows are all back on.

I feel like a lazy, boring, and incredibly easily entertained person saying this, but I thoroughly enjoy watching the fictional lives of my favorite characters on TV.

A few of our favorite shows:

Two & a Half Men

I know, only that many?!
And here are the ones that I watch, but Matt considers himself tortured in the process.
And the new shows I want to watch this year:
2 Broke Girls

Don't ask me how we're going to fit all of these into the already full tv lineup we've got going, but we'll manage, I'm sure. Our DVR is going to be begging for mercy, but it will survive. 

I would do a synopsis on each show for you all, but that would take forever. Basically, they're all awesome, otherwise we wouldn't be wasting our time watching them. 

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