Thursday, August 4, 2011

rain, rain...please, DON'T go away!!!!

I nearly had a fit when I heard thunder last night as I was watching (feel free to judge me) Pretty Little Liars.
And this morning when I woke up to my FAVORITE thing, Mr. Alarm, when it was still dark I almost didn't believe it.

Perhaps this month our water bill won't be in the upper $300 range like it was last month.

Don't get me started on that.

Apparently the city thinks they can slap on an additional water charge - which is based on your usage last winter, of course your usage is going to be more - which just so happens to make our bill DOUBLE what it would actually be. But we have to water our yard because it's new sod and otherwise it wouldn't grow back.
They are so rude.

Moving on -

M & I have been watching a TON of movies. Reasons are unknown, but I'm guessing it's because we now have a ginormous TV in the basement [because no one ever survived without a 72" TV. *rolling my eyes*] with a media center connected to it that stores your movies/tv shows in the coolest of ways.

First up: The Lincoln Lawyer
Except for being exceedingly annoyed with the jackass who was the reason behind the story (Ryan Phillippe), it was incredibly good. Mid-story it somehow went from a plain-'ole lawyer movie to an action thriller and it only went up-hill from there. Must rent.

Just Go With It

Besides being a sort-of chick flick, it was actually really entertaining. I'm not the biggest Adam Sandler fan, but when you throw Jennifer Aniston into a movie, there's no way I can't like it. From the previews I saw of this movie, I had a different plot in my mind than was actually happening, but it was a great plot. Typical happy ending. Gotta love it.

And that's all I have to report on.
Ah, the life of a married woman.
The only things I can think of to talk about are movies, the water bill, and rain.

Welp. See ya later!


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  1. My topics of conversation are usually "Well ... we're painting our cabinets." It's an exciting life us married women lead. lol.


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