Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Helloooo family, friends, random strangers that accidentally type my blog name into the URL line - I hope you're having a lovely week so far.

Lately, I've been asked (or have volunteered) to do a few things here and there through the wonderment that is Photoshop. Because I have nothing exciting going on in my life right now, I thought I would share these pieces with you.

Yeah, I know - nothing terribly exciting. But I could spend all day working on something like this. The Oktoberfest poster was for Doug - he's on a committee through Ambucs that is planning this event & he asked me to make something up for it. So I did. And the guys loved it. They were so nice - they even invited me to a meeting and made me stand up so they could recognize my work. I blushed a lot, if you can imagine.

Anywho - so I have decided that I missed my calling in the graphic arts department. I would have loved to go to school for that to do advertisements, etc. And who knows - maybe I still will (doubtful, but you just never know). But for now, doing posters, wallpapers for myself (because I'm a dork and I need constant motivation to keep me going), will suffice.

I forgot to mention in blogs past that we have a kickball team again this year through McDonald's. This weekend is our last game, and I can say that it's been a blast so far! Don't get me wrong - we're terrible. We have yet to win a game, and out of the 5 games we've played so far, we've scored 1 run total. Yes, total. But, I could care less because it really is a lot of fun! We all laugh (most of the time at ourselves) and there's nothing better than that. I want to play fall kickball, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to convince the other players. We'll see. ;)

This weekend, we're headed to KC to see megh & adam, which I am STOKED for!! Can't wait to hear about their honeymoon & see their new place. Good times.

Until then- not much else going on. Have a great rest of your week!


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