Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Because.

Last night I had a couple of things to pick up in town, so I called to see if Kenz wanted to join in the festivities. She loves going to the mall, so I figured she would be all for it.

Turns out, she was.

When I picked her up, her mom was very worried that she would lose her wallet [a wallet she doesn't really need, but when we were kids, we wanted to feel like adults. now, seemingly it's the other way around].
I replied by saying "oh, I'm the same way. I lose stuff all the time."
not the best way to reassure her.
In an attempt to erase what I just said, I told her that I have a gigantic purse that it will surely fit in, and promised it wouldn't get lost.

Off we went to the mall. In the car I asked her where she wanted to eat. "Carlos O'Kelly's, Martinelli's, Red Lobster?" "Oooh, Red Lobster!" I knew that's the one she would go for.

Walking inside I asked her if she was going to buy anything.
"Yeah, my mom told me to get some school shirts and athletic shorts because I keep wearing my regular shorts at recess and they keep getting stains on them. And I only have 21 dollars so we have so find some on sale." My kinda gal.

So we stopped at JcPenny's first because, let's face it - they have some real steals.

I don't know how to shop for kids. I have no idea what they like. When I was her age, I was wearing boy's clothes. I'm not the best judge of style.

When I pointed out shirts that I thought she might like [i.e. the I like Bling. or I *heart* glitter] and she gave me that face...
you know - the one that says "uh, that's total fashion suicide"
...I eventually just stopped suggesting things and told her to look around. It was best.

She found 2 shirts & athletic shorts for under $18. When we left the store I said "We found some steals!" And she just looked at me with a blank stare.

Hm. Tough room.

We shopped some more [mainly at Claire's where she tried on every pair of fake glasses that she assured me helped her see better] and when we were walking back towards the food court she says to me
"ooh, can we eat here?!"
"You don't want to eat at Red Lobster?"
"No, I'd rather eat here."
Random, but cool with me.

After that we went to Sam's to get stuff to make a fresh batch of Spaghetti. She insisted on driving the cart all through the store - pretending like she was driving a car.
"My mom says I'm a good grocery driver because I stay on the right side of the road."
We stopped at every intersection and stayed on the right side of the road the entire time. It was actually really fun. [I'm easily entertained]
But when the cart started to get heavy, I started pulling her around. She stood on the cart from where you're supposed to drive it, and I pulled her along with everything in the cart.

It's funny how everyone smiles at us. I can't help but wonder if they're thinking My God, she must've been 13 when she had her! when they see us. Odds are, they don't care enough and they're just smiling at Kenzie and how hilarious she is.

The moral of what is sure to be the worst story you have read all day is that I love being a big. It's so much fun having her around & seeing how she reacts to everything. Sometimes I catch her just staring at me. I can't figure out why. Maybe I have stuff on my face. Who knows? But I feel like both of us are the better for getting to know one another. I can safely say it's one of the best decisions I've made, and I hope she's getting as much out of it as I am.

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