Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cruise, Booze, & BBQ

This weekend was another one that just kept on giving.
We saw a ton of friends, family, and some random people I didn't know.

Let's start from the beginning.


Matt & I scurried out of Salina as quickly as possible, dying to get to KC.
What was waiting for us there?
Our own cruise!!
<---- Cruise Director Meghan

This was my wonderful sister's idea; because we couldn't go with them on their honeymoon
[let's face it, that would be weird].

There were delightful drinks, dinner, and great company.
It was BETTER than a cruise!


Saturday morning we woke up and got ready for Lyla's 1st birthday party at our friends Chris & Lisa's house. This poor child was surrounded by a mountain of gifts, and had absolutely no idea what was going on. She did enjoy the cake, though.

After the party, we left for St. Joe to head to G&G's 50th wedding anniversary! It was so great.

I think my favorite part was watching Grandpa open his KU rock. :)
And then, we went back to KC to veg out on the couch.


Megh & I left KC early to go help Ness get ready for Baker's going away party. There was a ton of food to take over to Steve & Linda's, so she definitely needed some assistance.

The party was great and it was amazing to see everyone.

We came home and sat on the couch. We ordered pizza (a cherry on top of the nutritionally-deprived disaster I would call this weekend) and watched TV, defeated & unprepared to start a new week.

This weekend is our 5-year class reunion in Topeka, so I will be traveling again. Matt somehow got out of this one, so I will be making the trip alone. Another weekend will fly by, I'm sure, and we will somehow be into September.
I don't even care where the time has gone, I just want Fall.

That is all I have to report. I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Rock Chalk!


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