Monday, May 30, 2011

Holllllla, City of SQUALLAAAA

Hello All - 
Another weekend filled with fun & entertaining things has come and gone. Luckily this time there was a lot more relaxing [but still not much more sleep]. 
Friday night: Left work and dashed over to Topeka to pick up Mr. Liam.
 He was a doll, as usual. This was my first experience having an infant overnight. This was tricky only because 1) my mother was on a cruise and therefore un-reachable via the telephone-o. 
2) my mother in law was on her way to Cancun, also unreachable.
3) Megh was in Dallas [so I didn't want to bug her]
*Cue the freaking out*
I didn't know when to feed him, when to lay him down, how to get him to stop crying.
But apparently [as I quickly learned] you kinda have to...well, play it by ear. 
If he's crying or fussy it's probably because he's either hungry, tired, or a combination of both.
If he's happy - don't irritate him.
And you can't always pick him up when he wants to be held. Otherwise, your arm will fall off.

This child is the cutest & best baby I have ever been around. He rarely fusses & he surely knows what he wants. Plus, he draws a crowd. We took him into town while running errands, and everyone sort of...congregated to him. 
[Must be those big blue lookers he's got.]

At the Verizon store, the lady goes "how old is your baby?" Quickly realizing that I forgot my wedding ring on the bathroom counter, I figure she's probably judging me [what is this, the 1920's?], and answer, 
"oh he's not ours, we just got lucky enough to baby-sit this weekend!" 
"He's just adorable!"
Yeah, he pretty much is.

But then we had to give him up. I was sad to see him go, but relieved that I didn't screw up too terribly. 

And I got a new phone out of this weekend.

The Droid Incredible 2. It had better prove a less terrible phone than it's preceding model [the original Incredible had it's flaws - all of which were beyond annoying, especially considering the amount of money Matt paid for it]. So far, I love it. The battery is lasting MUCH longer than the first and it's a whole lot slimmer. And it kinda looks like the iPhone. 
Except it's got a bigger screen. 
And it's Google powered. 
So there's that.

After we dropped off Mr. Liam, Matt & I met Drew & Ty at Applebee's to get dinner. Shortly there after we headed to the theater to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
I'd give it a B+. 
It was really entertaining, much like the first 4. Johnny Depp is a freaking genius. Without him, those movies would've just been your standard Pirate story, a less than exciting topic. But with him, they are comical & witty. This one was a little too long for my taste, but it was fun to watch all the way through.

After the movie we went back to the house and watched Zombieland, a review I've done before if you want to search for it.

Sunday, we got up and cleaned up the house and left shortly after. Matt's friends had all been at Milford lake all weekend for Tyler's send-off[he's moving to Colorado], so we wanted to catch them all before they left. 
They all partook in this game, which I'm not sure has a name, but looked pretty fun.

We were there for about an hour and a half and then we headed home. 
At home, I took a two-hour nap in the basement [SO needed]. We got up and decided to go on a fancy date.
Fancy, of course, entails hitting the Mexican Restaurant and then going to The Hangover II.
This one I'm giving an A-
It was hilarious, much like the first, but eerily similar to it's first mate. 
There were the typical quips, the usual guys, and pretty much the same storyline [with a few alterations here and there]. 
Hilarious, of course, but too predictable. 

And that, my friends, was my weekend in a nutshell. 
In store for this week:
Thursday - Meet my little, Kenzie.
Friday - no idea.
Saturday - hopefully take Kenzie to the waterpark.

Note: there is not a trip to Topeka in there. For those of you who were beginning to think that I was living there part time, you weren't far from wrong. I was beginning to wonder myself. This weekend serves as a break for the clown car and a whole lot of doing nothing for me.

Hope all is well and that your holiday weekends were very patriotic & relaxing.
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