Friday, April 29, 2011

A Tour of the Castle

Okay, so we may not live in a castle, but it works for us. I completely forgot that I hadn't taken any pictures of the house since we moved in. So here goes. Prepare to be taken on the tour of your lives.  
I thought so.

We'll come in through the garage. Marvel at the sight of the clown car.
The Acura's nice, too I guess. 
And Matt's impressive organization skills:
Okay, enough of that. Let's go into the liveable part of the house.
Here's our front entry way.
The crystal chandelier is on back-order. This will have to do for now.
Look to your right and you'll see the laundry room - complete with mismatched socks on top of the washer & dryer & clothes that need to be put away that I'm completely ignoring.
Let's head to our left. Three key elements of any house can be seen from here: Kitchen, dining & living room (through that large arch on the right). 
 That white door there is our walk-in pantry which you don't get to see because it's a flippin' disaster.
And our dining area. Through these windows we often see kids jumping on their trampoline, heads bobbing over the fence.
The living area. I'm not sure what Matt was watching but it looks a little weird.
 Alright, enough of that. Moving on through the hallway & make a left.
The guest bath: complete with a nighttime scene of the New York Skyline & a colorful bathroom ensemble.
 Head towards the end of the hall and we run into the first (and my favorite) guest room. New York style.
The least favorite of the guest rooms (because of the uncovered bay window that lets in light early in the morning..) this is the room that Doug & Jo will be inhabiting for a couple of months while their house gets finished.
Turn to your left & you will find the second guest bedroom. I call this one "The Green Room" because...well, it's green.
 And now - let's head back down to the other end of the hall, towards the living room & we'll run straight into the master.

Alright; last stop on the tour - the basement. 
Turn to your left & take in our new table set & chairs  -
And the piano my parents graciously hauled allllll the way from Topeka.
Let's take a look outside, shall we?
Walk out the sliding doors downstairs & up and around the yard. Our patio, complete with Matt's tomato plant that is bungee-corded to the pole there because, well we live in Kansas. The wind is fierce.
And our deck. Ah, the deck.
Also known as the observation deck, it looks - quite literally - over the entire neighborhood.
Creepy? Maybe. But at least if there's a flood the neighbors will know where to take cover. 

So that's it.
The dwelling in which we currently reside.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Please come see us again soon.
Now, time for a brewsky on the deck.

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