Friday, April 8, 2011

Selby Schmelby

Posted on ESPN.COM by Andy Katz
"• I had no idea there was an affiliate Kansas campus in Las Vegas. Yet, somehow Kansas freshman point guard Josh Selby is working out at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas when he should be in school this week. Selby is a borderline first-round pick. Kansas coach Bill Self was quoted in the Kansas City Star about Selby missing classes: "As far as school work, he is OK there. He has put himself in a position where he could afford to miss a few days. He will need to get back by next week."

Selby is not Kyrie Irving. Selby had more time to show his talent during the course of the season, even with eligibility issues (he missed the first nine games) and injuries. And he's not ready to be selected in the lottery or compete at the next level. What is going to change after a few days in a Las Vegas gym that wasn't seen during the season? Self said in the Kansas City Star that Selby hadn't committed and that the staff was OK with him going to work out. It's a tough call. Kansas can't say no and run the risk of alienating Selby and others like him that will come through the program. But it makes no sense to think that working out in Las Vegas rather than Lawrence for a few days is going to change anything on his draft status."

I CONCUR. But you all know how I feel about Selby. 
1) - I want him to leave so I don't have to watch him play anymore, and I want him to take his selfishness elsewhere.
And 2) - Who says it's okay for anyone on our team to purposefully MISS SCHOOL (when he's getting it paid for by the University, of course) and then announce it nationally? 
Uh, bull. I was in a car accident & missed classes, but they still kicked my ass to the curb. This guy's training in flippin' Vegas and it's alllll good?
Rude. That's all I can say.

On another note, the Morris Twins have left the building, as I (and the rest of the nation) suspected. I know they'll do well in the NBA, I just hope they get drafted to the same team. 
I literally have nothing else to talk about than basketball. Matt & I aren't doing anything this weekend, so looks like lounging will be on the agenda. 

Hope you all have a stupendous weekend!
Rock Chalk JJJ-Jayhawk.

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