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My "Kansas Jayhawks: NBA - Who Should Go & Who Should Stay?"

Reference to This Article

In the spirit of the NBA Draft drama in the Jayhawks world, I wanted to mimick the article above. [but with sarcasm and my own opinion.]

Every year after the NCAA tournament the next thing us KU fans have to look forward is the NBA decision-making process. Really it's just one giant panic-attack lasting approximately a month [but what seems like a year]. Who will go; who will stay; who will become ineligible because some rep. bought them dinner? No one knows. It's like a freakin' mystery novel real-life style.

And every year I say to myself "oh, they won't go, they're a Jayhawk!"


I should just come to the realization each year that this process revolves around money and ultimately, money wins.

If someone threw 10 million dollars in front of me and told me to be a Mizzou fan I would throw on a black and gold jersey.

Okay, that's a lie.
No amount of money could make me be an MU fan.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic.
And so it begins.

5. Tyshawn [Turnover] Taylor
He's a team player for the most part. He contributes a lot, including an average 9 points, 4 assists and 27 minutes per game. Not too shabby. Plus he's got a smile so big that you can't help but smile with him.
But the passing? Seriously, I get heart palpitations when he gets ready to send the ball to another player.
Taylor will be ready for the NBA when he grows up a little bit and looks for his teammates before passing the ball. That's key.

Prediction: I think he'll want to go, but Bill will convince him otherwise.

4. Josh Selby
I just want to get this fact straight before I start ranting about this kid: I HATED the hype about Selby from the beginning of the season. SO WHAT, he was a top recruit? Who cares. He's playing for a team that is a TEAM. THERE IS NO "SELBY" IN TEAM.
That being said, he scored 21 points in his first game. Which would be impressive if he didn't get benched three games later with a foot injury and from there did absolutely nothing to help our team; EXCEPT to make stupid shots, [when we didn't need them] dumb passes, and being genuinely selfish [a trait that does not go unnoticed with the Jayhawk fanbase].
Yeah, he averaged more ppg (7.3) than Taylor, but his game is nowhere close to where it needs to be to get any sort of money in the NBA. Plus that average is a little high from his first game. I think we can all agree it did not go that way the rest of the season.
An article in the LJworld said he's in Vegas now training with a famous dude, indicating that he's leaning toward the NBA.

Prediction: I think he'll go, despite Bill pleading him otherwise [because he knows that he won't get crap for money, not to mention playing time].
Farewell Selby. I will no longer have someone to constantly blame things on.

3. Thomas Robinson [T-ROB!]
One of my top favorite players this year (a close second to Tyrell Reed). I think we all got a soft spot for him when he showed amazing strength after several close deaths in his family.
The man is a powerhouse. Not only is he freaking HUGE [6'9" & 237lbs], but he's one hell of a basketball player. He averages 8 points a game, 7 rebounds, and plays about 14 minutes [though I'm not sure why he didn't play more]. And I'm sure you've seen him throw up a dunk or two - impressive doesn't even say it.
He's in a dilemma right now with taking care of his younger sister since his mom passed & the main reason he would leave as a sophomore would be for the money. Can't blame him for that.
Though I hope it doesn't come down to that.

Prediction: Some miracle will happen, God will realize this Kid's been through hell & still needs another year of College BB [and that we all want him to stay] and will bring good fortune to their family for the first time this year.

2 & 1. The MORRIS'S
I'm bulking them together because let's face it; they are always together. Marcus was dubbed the better twin at the beginning of the year, but Markeiff constantly strained to prove himself and I think he did a damn good job of it. Plus he's an inch taller and 10 pounds heavier which apparently means something in the NBA.
Marcus had him on ppg with 17.2 and Markeiff having only 13.6 [and I mean "only" relatively speaking]. But MK beat him on rebounds averaging 8.3 to his 7.6.
Either way, put these two together and they're unstoppable [unless you're playing VCU]. They've played together all their lives & hope to get drafted to the same team but odds are that's not going to happen.
Word on the street is the two met with an agent in California this week. [which Bill had no idea about. Rude.] I have since learned that you are automatically ineligible to play college-level if you accept ANY sort of object from a manager, be it dinner, cover charge for a club, fancy new basketball shoes, or a freakin' pack of Starburst; it doesn't matter.

My prediction? They're done. As much as it pains me to say that. And Ms. Angel Morris is gonna be one rich mama.

So those are my thoughts. Opposing opinions welcome. Just post on my comments!
ROCK CHALK, as always. 

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