Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

I have recovered [not fully, let's not push it] from the loss to VCU. I have since realized that there are only 364 days until the next basketball season. Consider me counting down.

I am now rooting for Butler, for no other reason than they have a super-good basketball team.......
Yeah, uh, it's definitely because they have such a great basketball team....

Race Day:
Here is the trail for my half on the 17th.

I know, right? It's long. But I can do it!

And here are my new, pretty shoes that are going to help me do it.

Race time is 7:30 a.m. [a.k.a. effing early] in Lawrence [my mothership].
I'm super excited for this race! I'm not concerned about time, I just want to finish.
I was not born a runner and God certainly didn't grant me with either long, skinny, or fast legs. But I'm defying the odds [no matter how slow I get there].

Last night I hosted the Festival of Trees wrap-up meeting at my house. It was really great having so many gals there [though we were lacking in the seating department].
It seems that I have volunteered to be the Chair of this committee [with a lot of help from the previous chair]. So that should be interesting.
I sense a learning experience coming on.

Matt went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago for the Manager's Convention. He learned a lot through the classes they had and had a great time on the strip, from what I hear.
And yeah, I was really jealous.

Movie Review:

The Fighter

Love it. Mark-y Mark; can't go wrong.
Had really powerful story (especially considering it was based on a true story) and the acting was phenomenal. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, & Mark Wahlberg all did a fantastic job. Definitely want to rent this one.

That's all, folks. Hope everyone has a great week.

Rock Chalk!


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