Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow. Really?

Yes, you read correctly. It was snowing here a mere hour ago. Looking out the window you would've thought it was the middle of December.
March. IT'S MARCH. Snow is not welcome here.

I had a great weekend!

Friday was my last day at Angels. I had a great day; pretty laid back and it's was GORGEOUS outside! After work, we headed to the Speakeasy to watch the game. We barely got a table, but got lucky with a guy walking out right when we got there.
Saturday morning I headed to Topeka to first go shopping with Grammy, Mom & Megh, and second to watch Drew in the Musical.

[insert AWESOME]

The musical was amazing! They did such a great job. I was a super-proud sis sitting in the crowd watching Drew dance & sing his butt off!

And talk about nostalgia. Good Lord.
Jared came with, and we reminisced about the good 'ole days in Show Choir. It was so much fun looking at the old pictures [and also a little bittersweet] and checking out the remodeling they've done at the school.

Today I did a lot of lazing around.
I did get a couple of good movies in:
Morning Glory

I love Rachel McAdams, and this movie rocked. Fabulous cast and a funny story. Definitely must-see.

Oh, and can we talk about
Uh, yeah.
We're kind of a big deal.

Big 12 Champions for what appears to be the last time
[thanks a lot, Colorado & Nebraska]

Tomorrow? Back to Mickey D's.
I could not be more excited.


It was wonderful seeing everyone this weekend [missed ya, Sarz!]


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