Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Give me that fish

Yes, people. It's that time again.
The fish is back.

And so am I.

To McDonald's, that is.

I'm already brewing up a really cool front counter ad with a picture of the fish on it.
Friday is my last day here.
It's kind of bitter-sweet. I'm going to miss all of the ladies here, but I am certainly ready to get back to the Mickey D's office.

My birthday was wonderful.
Everyone made such a big deal about it
[much to my dismay]

I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.
Because I have the coolest
& co-workers
I got this new watch

[the one on the left]

yes, it's huge. But it's awesome.
It comes with this footpod + USB connect.
So when I run, it tracks distance, calories, pace.
Then it transmits it to the watch as I'm running.
And then, when I come within 1 meter of my computer with the USB+ANT plugged in, it transfers it directly to my computer.

Awesome much?

Um, yes.

And it's a Garmin.
March is going to fly by. I just know it.
And March is the BEST.

Why, you ask?

1) March Madness
2) March Mustard Madness [for Matt, anyway]
3) My Birthday
4) Spring
5) Rain
6) St. Patrick's Day
So I need to go.
Longer letter later.

Rock Chalk

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