Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jammie Jeans

Um, yeah. Jammie jeans are awesome.

No, we aren't
actually wearing jammie jeans, but as to show how awesome we think the concept of them are, we now call all pajamas jammie jeans.

It makes sense to us.

I've since gotten over the loss to the wildcats. Though I have not changed my opinion on the debacle, I have learned to accept that it happened.
[it didn't hurt when Texas & Ohio State lost this weekend]

The hubs and I are currently holing up indoors to avoid the crap-tastic weather outside.

It started raining ice this afternoon, shortly there after I heard thunder and proceeded to the
outdoors to find lightning in the sky. Uh, can we say weird? And now it's snowing Alaska-style. And it's effing freezing.

Insert: Jammie jeans, homemade pizza & DVR recordings.

Suffice it to say that I didn't get a whole lot of marketing outdoors done today. I made a lot of calls from the office & made up a newspaper ad for my networking group fundraiser.^that's the one

That's pretty much all that I have to report. Time to watch Horatio kick some ass.

RocK ChalK


  1. I just have to say this...I cannot believe you still watch that complete moron!! I also like your newspaper ad...very eye catching!

  2. Have you purchased any jammie jeans? If you have I must see them...I wanted them for my birthday but didn't get Only kidding never buy those for me ever!!!

  3. But, mom, they are stylish AND they shape your ass!! And, no, I haven't night any. Dear lord, matt would have a cow.

  4. Sister if you watch Horatio, that should be your little secret. Ha. Love the advertisement! Super cute. See you next weekend!


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