Monday, February 21, 2011

Bitter Much?

I just want to make this clear: I am not the type of KU fan to be polite and say that K-State deserved that win.
Because they didn't.

We played like morons.

Better yet, we didn't play at all. I can barely say that our boys were even in attendance at that game.

They [Pullen] played better than they have all season.

The best I can do is a sarcastic "Good Job." Good job taking advantage of our crappy game.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Ohhhhkay, moving on.

I still haven't posted the list of Hot basketball coaches. Mah Bad. I will get them up as soon as I remember [so it's not looking good...]

And the latest news in the Rempp Household?
I quit my job.

[Much to my husband's dismay]

But worry not; I have another job lined up. We will not be homeless.

I've decided to go back to work at the Mickey D's office. I was happy there, doing what I was good at and enjoying it all the while.

Turns out the whole sales thing just wasn't my forte.
I figure life's too short to be miserable. And it sure makes an 8 hour day seem a hell of a lot longer.

I will miss the gals I work with and my awesome boss, but the time has come to move on.
And move on I shall.


Michelle and Nick came down this weekend and we had a fabulous time, as usual.
Matt had to work Saturday morning so he didn't want to go out. I, however, told the gals at the office that I would meet them at Outlaws [the classiest Cowboy Bar in town]. I couldn't let them down. Michelle & Nick were kind enough to come with [a decision they were sure to regret once we entered the building].

After being asked to dance by a tall, awkward looking cowboy [who later refused to believe I was married and proceeded to insult my ring], stared at by creepy old men, and generally feeling out of place - we decided to go to a bar more suited for the Non-Country folks we tend to be.

Insert Big Nose Kate's.

There I was approached by a group of men seeking a love-interest for their friend [what is it with people in this town? you go out once without your husband and all hell breaks loose]. After revealing my ring to them as well [and why do they always ask to see my ring?], it was mildly entertaining to assist them on their quest to find the perfect woman [like finding a needle in a haystack in this town]. Overall, a stupidly fun night with the sis-in-law and her bf.

Saturday we enjoyed an ass-whooping [given gracefully by the strapping men of the Kansas Jayhawks], as well as spaghetti with the family, car washing & walking in mist.

And yesterday, we quite literally did nothing.

That is my story for the weekend.
No new movie updates for you, sorry.

But we did watch the Switch again last night because it is so awesome.
Seriously, you have to watch it.

Alright, enough blabbing. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Rock Chalk


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  1. Honey...this should be a not go out without Matt...too many desperate men out there to prey upon my sweet and beautiful daughter...I'm finally over the loss and worried about tourney time! We hope you will be enjoy once again Mickey D's! I know you made the right decision for your happiness and that's what really counts!


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