Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artic Temperatures, New year, & Basketball

hola, amigos.

my apologies for the lack of blog updates. i've been using my busy-ness as an excuse not to post, but really it's just because i'm lazy.

but, here i am.

christmas was wonderful, as usual.
it started off with my work christmas party:

then, celebrating with my family [wonderful, as usual]. we left christmas day to head home and celebrate with matt's parents. their gift to us? a trip to florida.

but before we left;
a ku game.
where we not only won, but slaughtered the other team.

then we headed out the next day.

enter 60-degree weather.
and beaches.
and disney cruises leaving from port.
we went to the beach,
rode bikes to the pier..
played frisbee
where i displayed my sweet athletic skills

and drank some beer.

we had a blast.

to say that i didn't want to come home would be an understatement. i contemplated buying a house and forcing matt to stay with me in the state of warm-ness.


in case you haven't noticed, my boys have been doing well, but not fantastic. in fact, i would call their playing sloppy. and it's upsetting. but at least we're still undefeated.
for now, anyway.

work is going really well. i ended up winning both christmas bonus challenges, as well as getting a call from the vp of business dev. at corporate, and an e-mail from one of the owners of the company congratulating me. [high-five, anyone?]

i am currently writing this long over-due blog from my new mini-computer.
it's mal-sized, and i enjoy it.

this past weekend, i went to top-city for megh's gals night with her bridesmaids. it was a swell time and we got some serious girl-time in, which included dancing with the wii, dress trying-on and some mock cocktails. goooood times.

i don't have many pics to add. to be honest, i have been slacking on the picture front, but i'll try to improve on that one.

that is all for now. i've got some serious movie updates for everyone, so i'll try to get those up tomorrow.

in the meantime -



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