Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Crazy Life

Well, the Dryer-Repair man is here, and I have to be here, so I must make a quick update.
New York City was AMAZING. I was VERY upset that I had to leave. We had such a blast with the Millers, and watching the band march in the parade.

And can I just say...

[Pardon my French, but it's true]

They rocked that parade! I was super proud of my little bro.

Here's them leaving to get on the buses:
[them being my actual brother, and my two other adopted-brothers. I'm not really sure who the kid with the dark hair is..]

So at the airport in New York City, my husband calls and says....
I think we're going to buy a new house.

say, WHAT?

That's right, people. We purchased a new home.
And we should technically be put in the Guiness book of world records for selling a house the so quickly, because 18 hours after it was put on the market, we got an offer on it that we later accepted.
How awesome are we?

So anyway, basically with the interest rates so low and our house being so small, we wanted a bigger place. And here she is:

They took the inside pictures off the internet before I had a chance to put them up, so that will have to wait until we get a chance to get inside again.
This weekend was Festival of Trees for DVACK. I have some great pictures that mom took and I will share them with you sometime later today or later this week.
I can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving, and for those select few of you who read my blog and I will not get to see this weekend, have a Happy Turkey Day, and Drive Safe!

mal & matt

oh yeah, and

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  1. i know this comment is very late considering when you made this post, but congrats on the new house! it looks beautiful!


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