Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday - How I Loathe Thee

Another week has arrived.
It's amazing how quick things roll by when you're busy.

This weekend was a blast! Matt & I headed to Topeka on Friday after I got done with work. We got to Topeka by 7 and Dad was scheming, all the while, cooking CRAB! This was a fabulous surprise, and an even better way to end the week.

Saturday morning we all got up for the North Topeka Parade.
I think we all know that was a treat.

The good news? The band was marching.

But, it was incredibly entertaining to see the lack of floats and the ridiculous amount of political leaders that wanted our vote so desperately that they felt the need to march in the North Topeka Parade.

So then, Saturday night there was a bbq.
And it was super fun.
There were lots of great friends there, as well as some beer pong, a crazy amount of food & beverages, and tons of good times.

Sunday, since we were in Topeka, and therefore within a 100-mile radius of Freestate, we had to visit for lunch before we headed west. There we saw Joe & Jamie - some more great friends - and ate some delicious eats.

Finally, it was time to head home. And when we got there, we were faced with this dilemma:
That's right.
Eating a year-old cake.

Alas, we each took a big fork-full and dug in. It actually wasn't that bad.
And our marriage will now flourish.

Work is going well; still incredibly busy. We did get 5 referrals last week, which pretty much rocked.
No, it definitely rocked.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Chapman with Tammie to visit a couple of nursing homes. There's nothing like a trip to a nursing home to start the day!

So now I leave you with a picture of my dog who, while walking to cure breast cancer, sported a tu-tu and pink shirt.
Because she's awesome like that.

rock CHALK,

Mal & Matt

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  1. It was wonderful that you both each tried a bite of your cake...For sure now your marriage is destined to be forever happy!lol Jadey also looked so cute! We also always appreciate you guys coming to watch Drew performing too! loves, mom


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