Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day, KU Football & Everything Inbetween

Our Labor Day weekend was impeccably delicious.
If that makes any sense.

Doug & Jo took the boat out to Milford, and Matt, Tammie, Taylor and Laurie & Allen (Jo's sister & brother-in-law) all joined as well.

This week was filled with many things; church choir, Chamber After Hours and work [lots of work].

It was a great work week. I feel like I got a lot accomplished.
Not to mention, we got a referral from a doctor that I talked to on Thursday! I was pretty excited about this one. The gals at the office made me hula hoop.
[I wish I had gotten that on video because, that was entertaining]

Yesterday morning, I volunteered for the Y. They were having their kickoff for this year's Pound Plunge and needed extra helpers, so I volunteered.

After that, I headed to Topeka around 9am. It felt like a relatively short trip. My car had an audio input, so I can listen to Pandora on my phone while I'm driving
[thank the Lord, because I cannot STAND the normal radio & all of it's commercials. Ugh.]

Anyway, I finally got to Lawrence and THEN to the KU campus. I had a bit of a walk, but it was SO worth it.

What a game!!


It was such a great game to be at. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for letting me come!

Tomorrow I leave for Dallas [out of Manhattan] for Training. Tuesday-Friday will be all training days, and then we will get home late on Friday night.

I will try to keep you all updated while I'm there! I must go now, and continue with my laundry.

Have a great week!!!

mal & matt

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