Monday, August 2, 2010

beautiful sunshine

it's friggin' hot outside

matt's car display went to 110 and called it quits
now it simply reads: ---
car-talk for 'hotter than the depths of hell'

this is where i want to be right now. new york city
3 months................

last night matt & i had our first kickball game with our
mickey d's team;
we didn't win, but we still kicked [butt] hard.

my weekend was fabulously filled with wedding plans, dress auditions, and margaritas
of margaritas

i came home yesterday utterly exhausted, reminded of the detail that goes into planning a wedding
why anyone would volunteer to plan weddings for a living is flipping crazy in my book

can i just say that i am beyond excited about this affair
and for having a new bro

megh found her fancy dress that she might wear that night
[she might be feeling casual and decide to forgo the fancy]
i would share pictures
except that i wouldn't

i'm not risking that pesky groom seeing her in it before the big day

in other news:

i've got some running to do, so i must leave you
i missed you all yesterday, but hope to see everyone soon

and happy birthday, grandpa!

r o c k c h a l k,

Mal & Matt

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