Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michael Buble & the Dirty Duo

Well this weekend was filled with really fun stuff!! Saturday morning, Nicka and I ran in the KC Dirty Duo ( if you want to see how it works). It was SO much fun!! We got 8th out of 20 groups in our age division and finished in 56:30. Not too shabby!!

Saturday day, we all laid out by the pool at Adam & Nick's place. It was really nice to relax poolside, especially after the race.

Saturday night, we headed to the Sprint Center to see Michael Buble. It was AH-MAZING!!!!!! Oh. My. God. He put on one hell of a show! Some pictures from the weekend are below. Th concert ones aren't that fantastic, sorry! My camera was not cooperating with me.


  1. oh my god that dirty duo race looks awesome! those pics are hilarious, but you guys look like you had a lot of fun :) i'm jealous you got to see michael buble, he is pretty fab!

  2. It was a blast. You should join us next year. We've heard several people say they'd want to do it too. Perhaps we'll have a team next year with enough people interested.


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