Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Fun Day

Hello All!

Well, it's been very busy since we got back from Florida. A) I didn't want to leave and B) I had a lot of work to catch up on. Friday afternoon I was still struggling to get everything checked off the list I had made for myself and still didn't manage to do so.

Friday night we went to Speakeasy for some much-needed relaxing. There was a class reunion there at the same time so it was a little busier than I preferred, but I still didn't care. It was SO nice out on the Patio & great to have a beer.

Saturday, Matt & I worked early (6am) at his store figuring it would be oober busy all day. It wasn't too bad, so I left at 11 to get things ready for the boat. We left around 2 for Milford Lake. It was such a great time out on the boat! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures, but I will the next time around. We got home around 9pm that night and pretty much relaxed some more the rest of the night.

Sunday, Matt, Michelle & a bunch of his friends went out to the lake again. I had enough lake time the day before so I stayed behind. It was a quiet day around the house, but I hung out with Mags & Jade.

This week I'm bound to stay busy with Month-end being tomorrow and us traveling to KC for the Royal's game.

The week after that is Riverfest, which I'm REALLY excited about!! I'm running in the 5 mile marathon at about 7am on that Saturday morning and then I'm going to do some work with Ronald McDonald as he greets kids around the Festival. I'm definitely looking forward to that weekend.

As usual, there's nothing terribly exciting going on around here. I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day!

Rock Chalk,

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