Monday, May 17, 2010

Grad. Weekend

This weekend went by WAY too fast! Here's a breakdown:

Friday we all went over to Nick's house for a BBQ. I was in charge of making the burger/turkey patties. Bad idea, guys. Apparently I made them way too small, so when we put them on the grill they turned into little baby hamburger/turkey burgers. Rookie mistake. Anyway, we had a fantastic time regardless of my of patty-making skills (or lack thereof). I'm sure Megh will post pictures of that soon.

Saturday was Michelle's graduation. Matt & I cut it pretttttty darn close getting there. Apparently, if you're not at the Lied Center by 12:45, they give away your seats. So needless to say, we were speeding a bit on the way there. We arrived at exactly 12:43 pm. I took off my flats and Matt & I ran our asses off to get inside in time. Thankfully, we got in with no problems and got to see Michelle graduate! It was a great ceremony.

And a little Rock Chalk chant for you...

After the ceremony was over on Saturday, we headed to 23rd Street Brewery for some beer & much-needed lunch. Then we went back to Michelle's place & did some cleaning to get the Townhome ready for sale. We quit around 6 to head to Patty (Jo's sister) & Butch's new house in Lenexa. It was super fancy!!! Jo's parents were there, too, so it was really nice to see everyone while we were in town.

Sunday, we woke up early & did some major cleaning on the Kitchen at the Townhouse. Us gals got down on our hands & knees and cleaned grout, cabinets, & everything in-between. At around 1 we all stopped to get ready and watch Michelle walk down the hill.

After her jaunt down the hill, we all met up at Freestate for lunch. It was even more delish than usual (probably because we were all so STARVING!!). Matt & I got in the car after that and made our way to Topeka to pick up Jade (thanks for watching her, Mom & Dad!) and then high-tailed it to Salina. We finally got home around 7:30, completely exhausted. It was a tiring, but very fun weekend! It was so great to see everyone in the family and watch Michelle graduate.

This week: FLORIDA!!! We leave on Wednesday, which I'm Super excited about!!! I will post pictures while I'm there if I get the chance.

That's all the news I've got for you guys. Have a great rest of your Monday!! :-)

Rock Chalk,

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