Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Update

Alright, sorry I haven't updated in a while.

Doug & Jo have been in Florida so it's been a tad bit hectic at the office. But the good news is......


I'm SO excited to go on vacation!! We're mostly planning on not planning anything and flying by the seat of our pants the entire trip. This is how a good vacation should go. No agenda, just heading out on the open road. Or the beach.

Yeah, probably just the beach.

Anywho, I am pleased to report that I have survived the innumerable trips to Topeka so far this month & last. Every single one of them was better than the last!

May 1st: Dad's birthday weekend. I posted pictures (See Megh's blog for pictures) It was fantastic!! SOOO much crab. Wonderful.

May 8th: Michelle's Birthday/Mother's Day Weekend. Went to Lawrence for Michelle's birthday. It was a lovely trip! She got a keg & we somehow came up with a way to play Jenga that also made it into a drinking game. Epic. Mother's day was also fantastic. We went to Topeka Saturday night after Michelle's birthday and had some late-night crab, pass the trash, and guitar hero. (See Megh's blog for a more detailed & interesting account of this night). Sunday we went to Freestate in Lawrence (because we can't be within a 50-mile radius of this restaurant without Matt wanting to go there..). It was DELIGHTFUL! We had spinach & artichoke dip & queso for appetizers & I had a yummy french dip (which Jade later proceeded to eat the leftovers of when we left her in the car. Consider me schooled..).

Tonight we head for Topeka for a bbq with some friends & Saturday at 1 is Michelle's graduation for the school of education. Sunday she is walking the hill & then Matt & I are headed back to Salina. Sorry to everyone who's graduation parties we're going to miss (which is really only 1 or 2, but I still feel bad!). We simply want to get home before midnight on Sunday. Lame, I know.

I have no new pictures because my camera had a little fit and no longer works. No worries, though. I have bought a new one. This one, however, is cheap. Because it seems that I am not the best camera-owner. It has already shipped, so I will have plenty of pictures to post from Florida!! (YAY!)

Okay, so that's really all that's going on with us right now. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

RoCk ChAlK,
Mal & Matt


  1. You're going to FLORIDA!? That's awesome! Is there an occasion or just a nice little getaway? Sound's like you guys have been super busy, but busy is good right? That's what I keep telling myself. ;) I'll be in Lawrence on Sunday watching Andy and his fiance walk down the hill as well. I'll give ya a call while I'm there. Hope you have a fantastic Friday! :)

  2. Sounds great, hopefully we'll see you then!!


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