Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthdays, Going Away Parties & GOOD TIMES!

This weekend was filled with some great times. Friday night was my friend, Mary Lynn's going away party. Her & Her husband are moving to Georgia this Wednesday..crazy!! Pictures below:t

After we left Leavenworth, we walked to a sports bar that was near Adam and Nick's house and had a few beers there and walked back to their apartment. It was so nice outside that none of us really cared that we had to walk!

Saturday morning, we left KC to go to Topeka to watch the KU Mizzou Game. Definitely a good game, and we were very happy with the outcome! Now tourney time is up and we play at 11:30 on Thursday (opponent pending).

Saturday night we went out to eat with a bunch of our friends in Topeka and then came back to the Auffert house afterwards. We all had a really great time and it was a pretty fun night! I don't have pictures because my camera started giving me an error Friday night when I was using it. So I still have to go get that fixed.

Yesterday we went to Lawrence to eat at Freestate Brewery (Matt's fav. place to go in Lawrence) and also bought a bunch of new KU shirts. I love Lawrence! I definitely didn't want to leave.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled Thursday morning (yippee!) and hoping to not have to go to work on Friday, but with Spring Break, the stores will be pretty busy, so we'll see how I feel on Friday. The counters got measured today and we should have them in within the next couple of weeks. Pictures to follow when they get installed.

Not much else to report. I hope everyone's having a fantastic Monday so far!

RoCk ChAlK!!


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