Thursday, December 10, 2009

Funny Blip of the Day: (Because who doesn't need a good chuckle at my expense?)

Today I had a dental consult to get my Wisdom Teeth pulled. I spoke with the dentist who told me that Matt would need to be there for the entire appointment, to drive me home after the anesthesia. After we were done chatting, she ushered me out to the receptionist where we set an appointment. I told her a date I would like and the receptionist asked me if I could come at 7:10am, to which I replied "can we make it 8? I don't want my husband to beat me." In an attempt to explain that my husband doesn't actually beat me, I quickly added "because it's his only day to sleep in," to which she replied with an awkward laugh and a concerned stare. Fantastic.


  1. Awkward! Way to get a rumor started in a semi-small community. You newlyweds will be the talk of the town now!

  2. There's some irony in the fact you help out with DVACK and are joking about domestic abuse, but I'm not sure where to go with it so I'll leave it up to the reader's imagination.

  3. This is no joke, Nicka...I made this much of an idiot out of myself. haha


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